Writers In The Field, I Wish I Had Known About This Earlier

It was a dark and stormy morning. No really, despite sounding like the start to a bad novel, it’s extremely appropriate given where I was headed and what I was facing. I was supposed to be one of many lecturers at an event aptly called “Writers in the Field,” a...

The Solar Fountain, A Case Study In Poor Planning

Ask anyone in the engineering profession what the most important phase of a project is and they will tell you planning. Okay, a few of the engineers already embarking on a career of management will say funding but they’ve already gone over to the dark side. I can...

The Art Of Communication, Let Your Audience Dictate How You Say It

There are times when my wife is so frustrated from trying to talk to me that she wonders if I’m an idiot savant with the emphasis on idiot. Why? Communication. Exchanging concepts between two people is difficult. Throw an engineer into the mix and it's almost...

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A look at dogs having fun

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  • How To Flirt With An Engineer And Why You Might Not Want ToHow To Flirt With An Engineer And Why You Might Not Want To
    A few months ago, I got a suggestion on posting how to flirt with an engineer. The more I considered it the more I questioned the wisdom of such a post. It’s not that I don’t believe you should engage in a relationship with an engineer but until you understand your engineer, mixed signals will occur. […]
  • Windows 10 Upgrade, Can You Trust Microsoft?Windows 10 Upgrade, Can You Trust Microsoft?
    Somehow a discussion of trust seems very appropriate as Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 for free. Are they doing this to apologize for the mess they made of Windows 8? Are they hoping that giving free upgrades will convince Windows 7 users to upgrade? And if that’s the case, why do they care? Have […]
  • Bugs, My Blog Has a FewBugs, My Blog Has a Few
    Once I discovered WordPress I thought Blogging would be easy. Let me correct that statement, I thought that writing interesting posts on a regular basis would be the hardest part of the blog. I was so wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I still consider style and content to be my number one issues to improve […]

Random Posts

  • Congress, Too Focused on Being Politicians? – Part 2Congress, Too Focused on Being Politicians? – Part 2
    There’s an old saying “The enemy of my enemy is my ally”. Congress has certainly made me see the truth of that. My Mother-in-Law is a very nice person that shares my love of technology. There’s two topics where we are polar opposites, choice of computer platforms and politics. I can usually get past her […]
  • Patent Reform, We Should Demand ItPatent Reform, We Should Demand It
    There is no easier way to get me to jump on a soapbox than to start a discussion on patents. While I fully support the concept of patents and I feel that the inventor should be rewarded for his efforts, I just don’t think that’s the way our system is working. Nor do I think many […]
  • SEO, How You Got Here Without Intending ToSEO, How You Got Here Without Intending To
    Despite the title I’m not going to tell you how to improve the SEO on your website. If you have a website, you really do need to understand SEO but I’m not the one to tell you.  Instead I’m going to tell you what SEO is and how it affects your searches on the web […]

Random Posts

  • What’s This Thing Called Cache? A Non-Technical ExplanationWhat’s This Thing Called Cache? A Non-Technical Explanation
    Spend enough time with computers and you’ll encounter cache. When your browser is acting up, the first thing you hear is, “your cache is corrupted you’ll have to clean it.” When your computer is running slow, you’re told you need more cache. Obviously cache is important but what is cache? How does it work? Let […]
  • The Challenge of Blogging and an OfferThe Challenge of Blogging and an Offer
    It should be obvious that I write this blog in hopes of other people reading it. I have no advertising on my site and certainly no one is paying me to write it. I do get some satisfaction out of the creative effort and working on this blog has certainly improved my ability to express […]
  • Giving Criticism That Will Be Heeded, An Engineer’s GuidelinesGiving Criticism That Will Be Heeded, An Engineer’s Guidelines
    When I started Opinionbypen, I had long discussions with myself wondering if I was tough enough for all the criticism I would get. I knew my writing needed help. I knew I my paragraph separation was accomplished by feel rather than doctrine. And, if we’re doing true confessions , my comma placement is just shy […]


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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • The Sunshine Greenhouse, a Six Hour ProjectThe Sunshine Greenhouse, a Six Hour Project
    Every year that my wife and I went to the State Fair of Texas, we looked at greenhouses. My wife would always tell me she wanted one. I always had plenty of excuses not to get one, we could not decide on a model, we could not decide on a …
  • News Reporters Or News Fabricators?News Reporters Or News Fabricators?
    News Reporters Or News Fabricators?                             by  –Zee– The “takedown” in McKinney Texas of a young lady by a police officer at a party held in a private neighborhood pool was vulgar, perhaps unnecessary, but it belonged to …
  • Udacity RevisitedUdacity Revisited
    It’s Thursday night and I’m doing my homework for week two of Udacity CS253 Web Application Engineering. I haven’t even started doing CS387 Applied Cryptography content for this week. I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew for this run. My struggles cause me to think …
  • Shouting Is A Poor Form Of CommunicationShouting Is A Poor Form Of Communication
    A few nights ago I was playing Tera with a friend who wanted to try it out. He was on a trial account and while he could receive messages from me he could not send them to me. This lead to a mildly frustrating 30 minutes involving phone texting and …
  • Office 2013 Terms, Marketing Ploy or Greed?Office 2013 Terms, Marketing Ploy or Greed?
    Revised March 6, 2013:  After reading my post Microsoft had a change of heart and relented on allowing you to transfer your copy of Office 2013. They made the announcement today allowing you to transfer it every 90 days. They did not mention my blog in particular but I know …

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