Who Supports Ending Net Neutrality? Texas Senator John Cornyn, But Why?

I've always believed you shouldn't get involved in a fight you have no hope of winning. I find it unfortunate that I’m not heeding that advice with regard to net neutrality. Still, I can't help but wonder why Texas Senator John Cornyn supports an organization using...

How To Take Part In A FCC Scam Without Really Trying

I think I’ve made my view of the current FCC leadership fairly clear. In my opinion, commissioner Ajit Pai has lied and misrepresented facts in order to turn the Internet over to the big cable companies. When I read that the New York Attorney General was investigating...

Without Net Neutrality Expect Cable Television Content And Service

Net neutrality is one of the things that keeps the Internet from becoming an echo of the vast cable television nothingness. If you were to take a survey of the most hated companies in the US, I’m willing to bet that the cable companies would top the list. Nobody likes...

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Dear Engineer Who Ignores  My Words 

Apparently I made a number of people unhappy with my post on why engineers are ignoring you. As an occasional contributor to this blog, Zee demanded equal time on this subject. Since one of my goals for this blog is to get people to think, allowing a view from the...

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  • Teamwork, A Term Misunderstood By CongressTeamwork, A Term Misunderstood By Congress
    Apparently I lied when I said I was going to skip Congress as a topic. This morning my wife told me how Congress was congratulating themselves on coming up with a deal at the last minute and I was reminded of the six phases of a project. 1. Enthusiasm – We’re going to work together […]
  • When Did It Become Rude To Ask A Direct Question?When Did It Become Rude To Ask A Direct Question?
    You’re sitting at the airport terminal reading your Kindle when someone comes up to you and says,   ”Pardon me but do you know what time it is?” If you’re like me, you look up, answer “Yes” and go back to reading. Rude? Maybe but which of us was being rude? We can infer that the […]
  • A Sense Of Community, We Need To Thank Those People!A Sense Of Community, We Need To Thank Those People!
    I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to all the people willing to take the time and effort to share their knowledge. Think about the last time you were trying to rewire your old washing machine to incorporate a microwave dryer. The first place you turned was the Internet. While it’s […]

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  • An Engineer’s Dilemma, Beware The Time TeamAn Engineer’s Dilemma, Beware The Time Team
    When I got married, I knew my wife did not share my fascination with technology. She wouldn’t understand what I do on a daily basis and there would be communication problems. The trade-off was her love of history and her knowledge of animals. These were skills I lacked. To say I did not fully comprehend […]
  • Hubris, An Engineering Malady?Hubris, An Engineering Malady?
    Hubris, excessive pride or self-confidence. Last year I barely understood what it meant, today I recognize it for the deadly threat it is. Speaking as an engineer, we all know how fun it is to impress our non-engineering friends and family with our near mystical understanding of all things mechanical and electrical. To be sure, […]
  • In Search of an EditorIn Search of an Editor
    I’m afraid that my mental picture of a newspaper editor is largely limited to movie characters. Perry White and J. Jonah Jameson are two that come to mind. I also assumed that they had something to do with the big picture for a newspaper but I never gave it much thought. When it came to […]

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  • A Dangerous Trend, Amateur Social IsolationistsA Dangerous Trend, Amateur Social Isolationists
    I’ve always dreaded social gatherings. It’s not that I can’t do small talk, no, that would be a lie. I’m abysmal at small talk. Thirty seconds into my part of the conversation, I start seeing blank stares and glassy eyes. At forty five seconds, they usually develop an urgent need to visit the bathroom or […]
  • Opinionbypen Hits 10,000 ViewsOpinionbypen Hits 10,000 Views
    Sometime this last week, Opinionbypen had its 10,000th page view. For those of you who, like myself, love numbers, that’s an average of 556 views a month or 18 views a day.  I’m proud of that number because those are page views by real humans, not bots. If I counted visits from bots the number […]
  • Where I Admit I Made A Mistake About CongressWhere I Admit I Made A Mistake About Congress
    Spend enough time doing anything and sooner or later you’ll make a mistake. Some mistakes are unavoidable. You might say those are the cost of making decisions and although some of us never do, we’re expected to learn from our mistakes. In electronics it’s almost a given that your first prototype will have problems. That’s […]


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A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Dear Engineer Who Ignores  My Words Dear Engineer Who Ignores  My Words 
    Apparently I made a number of people unhappy with my post on why engineers are ignoring you. As an occasional contributor to this blog, Zee demanded equal time on this subject. Since one of my goals for this blog is to get people to think, allowing a view from the other …
  • Using 1040 Advertising As A Revenue Stream, Why Not?Using 1040 Advertising As A Revenue Stream, Why Not?
    Every once in a while I have an idea that’s almost brilliant. Google has made most of its money through advertising. Why can’t the US government do the same? Every year the IRS gets an update on where we live, how much money we made, and how we spend our …
  • I’m Male, My Stubbornness Comes NaturallyI’m Male, My Stubbornness Comes Naturally
    Male stubbornness is legendary. I think more jokes have been made about us never asking for directions than jokes about lawyers. We know you’re making fun of us and we still refuse to ask for directions. Let’s face it, Garmin is making a fortune off that trait. It’s far easier …
  • Surviving An Engineering PresentationSurviving An Engineering Presentation
    If you’re a nontechnical person and had the misfortune of having to sit through an engineering presentation you probably felt the presentation was never going to end. There was just not enough coffee in the room to keep you awake. There’s a reason for all of this. Like many engineers …
  • Journalism?Journalism?
    I’m a little busy this week trying to finish my Udacity course and even though it doesn’t matter, I still want to get a good grade. With that in mind, I asked a friend to contribute and he was happy to help out. ___________________ The exposure and allure of journalism …

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