Are The Engineers In Your Life Ignoring You? What You Can Do About It

If there’s an engineer in your life, I’m certain you often feel ignored by them. Don’t take it personally, it happens to everyone. My goal is to explain why they seem to be ignoring you and how to improve your situation. Notice I did not say gain full attention....

The Sundae Style of Management, Please Don’t Try This At Work

It’s been fairly busy at work this month and nobody wanted to help me out by writing a guest blog. In a moment of desperation, I agreed to let Sundae share her views on management. To be fair, I have worked for managers who seemed to share many of her theories....

An Engineer’s Dilemma, Beware The Time Team

When I got married, I knew my wife did not share my fascination with technology. She wouldn’t understand what I do on a daily basis and there would be communication problems. The trade-off was her love of history and her knowledge of animals. These were skills I...

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Amazon’s Secret Weapon, No Will Call Lines

When I needed 200 aluminum fence stays, I found them for $19 at Amazon and $11 at Lowe's but I still bought them from Amazon. The decision wasn’t made because I’m a loyal dedicated Amazon shopper. It was a simple matter of economics. When I calculated all the costs,...

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Random Posts

  • Bell, Book and iPadBell, Book and iPad
    When it comes to understanding women I often feel that my engineering background is a handicap. My entire career has been based on evaluating data, solving problems and looking beyond the obvious to find a root cause. All of which seems to be completely useless when it comes to dealing with my wife. I feel […]
  • Email Taxation, Musings From The Thought Simulation ChamberEmail Taxation, Musings From The Thought Simulation Chamber
    I’m going to make a suggestion and please hear me out before you call on your fellow villagers and start lighting torches. I want the government to start taxing email. Wait, put away those lighters, I do have a reason. With approximately two hundred billion emails sent every day and assuming that one tenth of […]
  • UdacityUdacity
    When I signed up for CS101: Building a Search Engine at, I had no idea what to expect. I’ll admit what I really wanted to sign up for was CS373:Programming a Robotic Car. After a careful examination of the requirements for CS373, I realized I’d always wanted to build a search engine. Udacity is […]

Random Posts

  • Learning Through AnalogyLearning Through Analogy
    I don’t know about most people but when I’m learning a new task, I look for analogies with skills I already possess. I’m not always successful but sometimes I stumble on a valid analogy that exists between two totally unrelated fields. For example, the relationship between raising plants and writing software is not intuitively obvious but close […]
  • Half Full or Half Empty, An Engineer’s ViewpointHalf Full or Half Empty, An Engineer’s Viewpoint
    My wife will confirm that living with an engineer is different. It’s not just that we tend to be socially inept or even standoffish. We see the world differently and until you spend time with one of us you can’t comprehend how differently. All my life I’ve listened to people describe personalities as, “a glass half […]
  • First ImpressionsFirst Impressions
    When something irritates me, I tend to remember it a long time. Many, many years ago I applied for a summer job at Six Flags Over Texas. After filling out the resume and waiting for the interview I was told that they would not even interview me until I cut off my mustache. If they […]

Random Posts

  • The Polarization Of America, A Side Effect of Our Smart Phones?The Polarization Of America, A Side Effect of Our Smart Phones?
    Last week when I discussed how we’re relying on our gadgets to outsource our minds. I was asked for a part two, what are we doing with all that time we free up. Looking at the Internet landscape, it seems like most of us are turning to more social interaction, Facebook, Snapchat and of course, […]
  • Married To An Engineer, The New CarMarried To An Engineer, The New Car
    Before you start reading, I should warn you that this post has a lot of math. It’s not complicated, it’s not difficult and you really don’t need to follow the math to get the point I’m trying to make but the math is there. I only want you to see that I don’t think differently than you […]
  • Know When to Say Goodby to Your AppliancesKnow When to Say Goodby to Your Appliances
    When I make a mistake I try to admit it. If I can turn it into something positive it helps reinforce this behavior. Writing this post is about as good as it gets for this one. From my wife’s point of view I have a very bad habit of maintaining our appliances well past their […]


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Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Married To An Engineer, Why Can’t I Have A New OvenMarried To An Engineer, Why Can’t I Have A New Oven
    I wanted my wife to write this from her point of view because if anyone in this marriage has suffered, it’s her. She wants a new oven and I continue to repair the old one. As long as it continues to work, why do we need to replace it? I realized …
  • The Puppy With No NameThe Puppy With No Name
    In almost every culture there is a belief that one’s name has magical properties. There’s no question that I respond much quicker when I hear my name. I can hear my name being used in situations where it’s impossible to understand the other words being said. When my wife says …
  • A CelebrationA Celebration
    This is my 20th post on this blog. I realize that raw numbers don’t really mean anything unless you attach importance to them but 20 is a significant number and I felt it should be celebrated. My big problem was how do you celebrate a blog? I’m sure there are …
  • Style, What It Means To An EngineerStyle, What It Means To An Engineer
    If you have an engineer within your close circle of friends, save yourself some trouble. Go to YouTube and watch “Dilbert – The Knack”. As the doctor is explaining young Dilbert’s condition he characterizes an engineer with  two statements, “extreme intuition about all things mechanical and electrical” and “utter social …
  • Why Would You Want To Write A Blog?Why Would You Want To Write A Blog?
    Ever notice that the moment you describe a problem to an engineer, they stop listening to you? Before you’ve finished describing the problem, they’ve started working on a solution for you. True, some of the very best engineers have the ability to remain focused on you until you’ve fully described …

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