The Art Of Communication, Let Your Audience Dictate How You Say It

There are times when my wife is so frustrated from trying to talk to me that she wonders if I’m an idiot savant with the emphasis on idiot. Why? Communication. Exchanging concepts between two people is difficult. Throw an engineer into the mix and it's almost...

An Opinion On Opinions. Why The Other Guy Isn’t Always Wrong

With all the freedom and enlightenment our society is supposed to have, I find it amazing how little tolerance we have for someone with an opinion that differs from ours. Maybe the anonymity provided by the Internet reinforces this behavior, Twitter certainly seems to...

How To Torture An Engineer, An Engineer’s Wife Shows You The Way

Ever wonder how to torture an engineer? You know you want to get rid of that smug know it all attitude. No, I'm not talking about staking us to an antbed. Over the years, my wife has developed some very effective techniques. Let me share an example with you. Last week...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

Poser Gallery

My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

The Zone, An Explanation For The Rest Of You

It’s evening and your dearly beloved has been sitting at the computer for hours. You know that this obsession has something to do with the latest project but you aren’t sure of the details. With a smile, you decide to do something nice for your beloved. You pour a...

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Random Posts

  • The Great Courses, I Almost Missed ThemThe Great Courses, I Almost Missed Them
    I have a long list of topics for blogs sitting in my Dropbox folder. I even have a few unfinished posts that would only take a short time to finish. The problem is that nothing appeals to me as a subject and I try to do at least one new post a week. Being completely […]
  • My Adventures And More At Amazon WriteOnMy Adventures And More At Amazon WriteOn
    This is the year I intend to promote my short stories. I have them posted on Opinionbypen but without better SEO on them I can’t expect Google to send anybody my way and sure enough, that’s exactly what has happened. When Amazon’s newsletter for self publishing authors highlighted their WriteOn site I decided it was now or never. […]
  • Spam, Spam and More Spam, A Closer Look At The DetailsSpam, Spam and More Spam, A Closer Look At The Details
    Receiving more spam than email? Drowning in Amazon order cancellations? Wondering why your spam filter is so inefficient? I still believe I had the perfect solution when I suggested taxing email but no one seemed to like that idea. If you consider knowledge as power, I’m going to give you some power over these spammers. […]

Random Posts

  • Why Publishers Should Allow Me To Loan EbooksWhy Publishers Should Allow Me To Loan Ebooks
    I’ve come across a dark cloud in my digital world, I can’t loan ebooks. It’s no secret that I’ve fully embraced the digital world. I have an Android smart phone, an iPad, a Kindle, a netbook and a few dozen other devices I used to use. My Kindle account is attached to my Kindle, my […]
  • Color, Fashion and an EngineerColor, Fashion and an Engineer
    Have you ever considered what a wondrous thing it is to see color?  In spring I get to enjoy the vivid green of my pasture, the bright red of the cardinals as they feast on the insects trying to eat my pasture, the mixed reds and yellows of my wife’s roses, even the black and […]
  • A SEO Enhanced ResumeA SEO Enhanced Resume
    People tell us not to judge a book by the cover but we’ve all passed up good books because of poor cover art. If you think about it, your resume serves much the same function as a book cover and let’s face it, compared to our counterparts in marketing, most engineers write really poor resumes. […]

Random Posts

  • Do Dogs Have Psychic Powers?Do Dogs Have Psychic Powers?
    I’d like you to consider the possibility that dogs have managed to develop a psychic bond with us. I know the animal psychologists say that dogs are extremely perceptive and watch us for small clues. That’s why our dogs turn into a pack of whirling dervishes when my wife gets her car keys. They know […]
  • Email, A Training Tool For Poor PerformanceEmail, A Training Tool For Poor Performance
    In a typical game you have a number of obstacles that you have to overcome. Overcome enough of them and you gain a level. Not unexpectedly, the designers of these games often use psychologists to maximize the rush of endorphins you get for each accomplishment. It should come as no surprise that responding to your […]
  • Change, It’s Not Always ApparentChange, It’s Not Always Apparent
    I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, he was contending that there had been no major changes in our lives over the last five years. Of course I brought up drones, 3D printers and well, that was the problem, I couldn’t think of anything that was changing our […]


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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Suppose You Built A Blog And No One CameSuppose You Built A Blog And No One Came
    Imagine your disappointment, if after building an entertainment park, your only visitors were robots for Google Street View (no references to EuroDisney please). When I started this blog, I never imagined how hard it was to get readers to my website. I should have known, after all, I don’t spend …
  • Know When to Say Goodby to Your AppliancesKnow When to Say Goodby to Your Appliances
    When I make a mistake I try to admit it. If I can turn it into something positive it helps reinforce this behavior. Writing this post is about as good as it gets for this one. From my wife’s point of view I have a very bad habit of maintaining …
  • What Idiot Designed This? In Defense Of EngineersWhat Idiot Designed This? In Defense Of Engineers
    Ever try to fix something and ask yourself, “what idiot designed this?” It’s certainly happened to me often enough. Yeah, a few of those times it was one of my own designs but we’re not going to discuss those today. Before I get too far into this post let me …
  • Engineers From Technicians, A PerspectiveEngineers From Technicians, A Perspective
    In electronics you have two classes of knowledge experts, Engineers and Technicians. I’m ignoring the programmers for the moment because they only complicate this discussion.  The distinction between the two classes can become very blurred but Engineers are expected to create designs, while Technicians implement and troubleshoot those designs. At …
  • An Engineer’s Plan For Romance On Valentine’s DayAn Engineer’s Plan For Romance On Valentine’s Day
    It’s not that I hate Valentine’s Day but I certainly have reason to fear it. From my point of view, nothing good comes from this holiday. Forget it and I’m in the doghouse. Use the day to tell my wife I love her and my wife questions me about the other 364 …

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