A Look at Beauty Through The Eyes Of An Engineer

One look at my wife’s website, NaturebyCarol, and you can see she’s enamored with daylilies. As an engineer, I simply don’t understand the fascination. You put all this time and effort into a flower that only lasts a day. When I work on a project, I want it to last...

After The Crash, Comparing Backup Software, Acronis, Aomei and Paragon

The idea behind a software review is to give an unbiased appraisal of the program. Unfortunately most reviews are anything but unbiased. As hard as I tried, this review is no exception. After my experiences last month, I decided to see what else was out there for...

Ready For Your Hard Drive To Fail? Make Sure Your Backup Works

Backup software is a lot like an insurance policy. Until you have an accident you have no idea how good it is. Of course, if you race down the highway at 100 mph, trying to determine what your stockbroker meant when he texted you, “sell immediately,” you’ll probably...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

Poser Gallery

My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

A Plea For An End To Tiny Instruction Manuals

One of the movies being released this Christmas is Downsizing, a tale of people being shrunk to reduce their cost of living by reducing the resources needed to support them. It’s a sad commentary on our current state of affairs that my first thought was they would be...

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Random Posts

  • A Study in Communication, WebhostinghubA Study in Communication, Webhostinghub
    I decided to try WebhostingHub because $10 for a year of webhosting looked too good to pass up.  What I did not expect was a wonderful example of poor communication. I admit it, I’m cheap. I follow Rick Broida on Twitter because he comes up with some real bargains. When he Tweeted about a year […]
  • Luck, Statistics and Long MeetingsLuck, Statistics and Long Meetings
    It was during one of those long company meetings that I started thinking about luck. You know the meeting, it seems like a contest between the presenters on who can be the most boring. Trying to stay awake through one of those verges on the impossible. In an attempt to look vaguely interested, I started […]
  • TNSTAAFL, Windows 10TNSTAAFL, Windows 10
    TNSTAAFL, There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Microsoft’s continuing antics to coerce me, by hook, crook or outright trickery, into accepting their free upgrade to Windows 10 brought this phrase to mind. Microsoft is hardly a nonprofit organization and I doubt that are trying to apologize to all of us for trying to […]

Random Posts

  • How Did My Website Get Hacked?How Did My Website Get Hacked?
    Getting hacked was not one of the new experiences I planned for my website in 2016. True, when I went to Rome’s Porta Portese flea market, I carried a spare wallet just so I could say I’d been pickpocketed but that was an experience I was planning for. I’ve already written my 2016 plan. I changed […]
  • Happy Mother’s DayHappy Mother’s Day
    If I had given thought to the idea, I would have timed my Celebration post to come out on Mother’s Day. Then again, my Mother deserves her own post for all the grief I gave her as a child. The following are a few examples of what she had to cope with while raising me. […]
  • An Easter Cactus FlowerAn Easter Cactus Flower
    No matter how I considered it, I couldn’t come up with an appropriate post for Easter. To me, Easter announces the presence of spring and spending time with family. More than anything else it’s a time for relaxation. It was my cactus that gave me the inspiration for today’s post. Last week it decided to […]

Random Posts

  • Victory DanceVictory Dance
    Among engineers there is a deep dark secret. After something goes incredibly right or when we find the solution to a problem that has been plaguing us for month , we do a victory dance. Mine is fairly vanilla but it’s also on a purely involuntary basis. Think about every engineer you’ve ever seen and […]
  • The Path to Success is Filled With FailureThe Path to Success is Filled With Failure
    When faced with a problem, engineers tend to fixate on solving the problem. Often we’re still looking for a solution when others would have given up long ago. It could be that I’m too stubborn to admit defeat but there’s nothing more satisfying than solving a difficult problem. I don’t get frustrated by failure, I […]
  • The Sundae Style of Management, Please Don’t Try This At WorkThe Sundae Style of Management, Please Don’t Try This At Work
    It’s been fairly busy at work this month and nobody wanted to help me out by writing a guest blog. In a moment of desperation, I agreed to let Sundae share her views on management. To be fair, I have worked for managers who seemed to share many of her theories. Fortunately, my current manager […]


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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Happy Mother’s DayHappy Mother’s Day
    If I had given thought to the idea, I would have timed my Celebration post to come out on Mother’s Day. Then again, my Mother deserves her own post for all the grief I gave her as a child. The following are a few examples of what she had to …
  • Wordfence, Protection For Your WordPress SiteWordfence, Protection For Your WordPress Site
    I first realized how much I appreciate Wordfence when WebHostingHub told me I had excessive activity on my server and I would have to disable Wordfence. That’s when I decided my relationship with WebhostingHub would be a short one. Wordfence is a free security plugin for WordPress sites. I’ve been …
  • Using WordPress.com To Host Your BlogUsing WordPress.com To Host Your Blog
    I used to work at a small electronics store that grew too fast and could not sustain itself when to economy took a turn for the worse. When the store finally closed, I was amazed by the ego of the owner as he started selling subscriptions to his newsletter, a …
  • Wanted, a Women’s Magazine for the Rest of UsWanted, a Women’s Magazine for the Rest of Us
    Top-Drawer Women’s Magazine Wanted By Zee “Top Drawer” is fine because our flexibility to bend down to the bottom drawer isn’t what it used to be … but we still want to be acknowledged as important, but not “aged” or “senior” or “mature” or other dastardly names we’re called after …
  • Death By PowerPoint, Together We Can Prevent This Dreadful DiseaseDeath By PowerPoint, Together We Can Prevent This Dreadful Disease
    We’ve all heard the term, Death by PowerPoint. If you work in an office environment, odds are you’ve come to hate PowerPoint presentations. Surprisingly, I’m not going to attribute this to Microsoft. No, the blame for this hatred lies solely with us, the creators of the slide deck. I’m going to …

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