The Art Of Communication, Let Your Audience Dictate How You Say It

There are times when my wife is so frustrated from trying to talk to me that she wonders if I’m an idiot savant with the emphasis on idiot. Why? Communication. Exchanging concepts between two people is difficult. Throw an engineer into the mix and it's almost...

An Opinion On Opinions. Why The Other Guy Isn’t Always Wrong

With all the freedom and enlightenment our society is supposed to have, I find it amazing how little tolerance we have for someone with an opinion that differs from ours. Maybe the anonymity provided by the Internet reinforces this behavior, Twitter certainly seems to...

How To Torture An Engineer, An Engineer’s Wife Shows You The Way

Ever wonder how to torture an engineer? You know you want to get rid of that smug know it all attitude. No, I'm not talking about staking us to an antbed. Over the years, my wife has developed some very effective techniques. Let me share an example with you. Last week...

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  • Musings On Fear From an Engineer and Aspiring WriterMusings On Fear From an Engineer and Aspiring Writer
    I’ve never understood the fascination roller coasters hold for my wife. This from the woman who complains about my sudden starts and stops when I drive. Personally, I hate roller coasters. It’s not motion sickness or fear but when I ride one I’m wondering what safety margins did the engineer use for anticipating metal fatigue. […]
  • When Did the Definition of Unlimited Change?When Did the Definition of Unlimited Change?
    It always irritates me when I see commercials preying on our stupidity. I guess that’s why watching Sprint’s commercial extolling how their reliability is within one percent of everyone else, always results in my wife having to endure a rant on the difference between reliability and coverage. My lecture on the difference is usually cut […]
  • Apathy, How To Waste Your VoteApathy, How To Waste Your Vote
    Over the last few months I’ve had some very harsh words for our politicians in Washington. My Mother-in-law pointed out that the politicians really aren’t to blame for our current situation. They may be totally incompetent and dysfunctional but it’s not their fault they are in office. The only reason they are in office is […]

Random Posts

  • Why Does Change Seem So Random?Why Does Change Seem So Random?
    It’s a given that change happens. From fashion to transportation to political viewpoints, it always changes, but why? Change is seldom welcome so why does it happen? And why does it happen so often to the things you like? Why does today’s Big Mac more closely resemble a White Castle Slider than the Big Macs […]
  • Saying Thank You, It’s Not That HardSaying Thank You, It’s Not That Hard
    The first time I entered a library I was overwhelmed by all the information. At the time I was more interested in all the science fiction but I soon learned that there was much more than just fiction. I never considered how much work went into putting that repository of knowledge together for my benefit. […]
  • Starting A Blog? Spend Some Time PlanningStarting A Blog? Spend Some Time Planning
    I think everybody would agree that planning is essential. There are degrees of planning that may be necessary to be successful but the planning still needs to take place. My wife tells me that I over plan everything.  I don’t get it.  If I’m going somewhere I’ve never been I’ll pull up maps to locate […]

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  • Reliability, Warranty and Why Nothing Lasts As Long As It Used ToReliability, Warranty and Why Nothing Lasts As Long As It Used To
    Five years ago I had to make an emergency run to Fry’s because the video card in my wife’s computer had died and she had a raid scheduled with her gaming guild. With a wide selection of high end cards, I selected her current card because it had a lifetime warranty.  Today I’m having to […]
  • The Polarization Of America, A Side Effect of Our Smart Phones?The Polarization Of America, A Side Effect of Our Smart Phones?
    Last week when I discussed how we’re relying on our gadgets to outsource our minds. I was asked for a part two, what are we doing with all that time we free up. Looking at the Internet landscape, it seems like most of us are turning to more social interaction, Facebook, Snapchat and of course, […]
  • Google Wallet, PO Boxes and No Nexus 7Google Wallet, PO Boxes and No Nexus 7
    I promise this will be my last word on the subject but looking at the  traffic to my website I’m not the only person not getting a Nexus 7 tablet today at my PO Box because Google Wallet cancelled their order.  The issue is interesting because it shows a massive lack of communication between Google […]


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A look at dogs having fun!

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  • An Engineer Muses On Fictional WritingAn Engineer Muses On Fictional Writing
    If you’ve seen the movie, Apollo 13, you remember the scene where the mission director comes in with a box of stuff dumps it on the desk and says this is what we’ve got, make it work. I don’t think there’s an engineer out there who wouldn’t love to have …
  • Technical Arrogance, No One Is ImmuneTechnical Arrogance, No One Is Immune
    If there’s one thing the engineering world is full of, it’s arrogance. Don’t get me wrong, I suffer from the same affliction. I think it comes with being an engineer. After you’ve done the simulations and all the testing, it’s not a surprise that your design works. Enough successes and …
  • Are You Sure?Are You Sure?
    I own an old DVD VCR. It’s a good VCR but it has one issue that really irritates me. In order to record on a DVD I have to initialize the DVD. What I don’t like is that is asks me four times if I’m sure that I want to …
  • Sundae Explains Why Fashion ChangesSundae Explains Why Fashion Changes
    While engineers are far more challenged by fashion than most of our species, I don’t believe a lack of fashion sense is limited to engineers. I have the basic rules down, well as long as I’m wearing nothing more than business casual. Throw a tie into the mix and I …
  • Communication, Google and a Nexus 7Communication, Google and a Nexus 7
    Communications has always been an important issue for me. Over my career, I’ve had to fix more problems caused by poor communications than anything else. These problems can be caused by someone assuming that their audience is in possession of more information than their actions suggest or by not responding …

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