Who Supports Ending Net Neutrality? Texas Senator John Cornyn, But Why?

I've always believed you shouldn't get involved in a fight you have no hope of winning. I find it unfortunate that I’m not heeding that advice with regard to net neutrality. Still, I can't help but wonder why Texas Senator John Cornyn supports an organization using...

How To Take Part In A FCC Scam Without Really Trying

I think I’ve made my view of the current FCC leadership fairly clear. In my opinion, commissioner Ajit Pai has lied and misrepresented facts in order to turn the Internet over to the big cable companies. When I read that the New York Attorney General was investigating...

Without Net Neutrality Expect Cable Television Content And Service

Net neutrality is one of the things that keeps the Internet from becoming an echo of the vast cable television nothingness. If you were to take a survey of the most hated companies in the US, I’m willing to bet that the cable companies would top the list. Nobody likes...

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  • A Mother’s Day Post On Political ChangeA Mother’s Day Post On Political Change
    I should explain why I’m doing a political post for Mother’s Day. Last year I explained that I have to consider both my Mother and my Mother-in-law. When it comes to this blog both of them have given me strong encouragement to continue writing. They’ve only expressed one minor disappointment, both of them would like […]
  • Ever Think of Your Engineer as a Super Hero? The Evidence is There.Ever Think of Your Engineer as a Super Hero? The Evidence is There.
    I’m going to assume you’re reading this because you’re trying to make sense of the engineer in your life. I’ve written several posts on understanding engineers but maybe you’re looking for new insights. Ever think of your engineer as a super hero? There’s more evidence than you might suspect. Let me try to describe your […]
  • An Easter Cactus FlowerAn Easter Cactus Flower
    No matter how I considered it, I couldn’t come up with an appropriate post for Easter. To me, Easter announces the presence of spring and spending time with family. More than anything else it’s a time for relaxation. It was my cactus that gave me the inspiration for today’s post. Last week it decided to […]

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  • Death By Productivity ImprovementDeath By Productivity Improvement
    Have you ever screamed in frustration when your favorite software company announced that they had come up with new methods of productivity improvement? Personally I’m tired of all the help I’m getting. Windows 8 serves as a perfect example of a productivity improvement that nobody wants. Unless your job consists of checking Facebook, the market […]
  • Email Scam or Luckiest Man Alive?Email Scam or Luckiest Man Alive?
    I must be the luckiest man alive. Three weeks ago when I was looking at my bills and wondering how I was going to pay them, I got an email from an attorney in England. Some wealthy relative I didn’t even know about had died and left me his fortune. I immediately sent them all […]
  • Why All the Hate For PO Boxes?Why All the Hate For PO Boxes?
    Before you read too far, let me confess to you that I was in a very irritated frame of mind when I wrote this. After waiting two weeks for a word on the Nexus 7 I ordered from Google Wallet, I was notified yesterday that they cancelled my order because the address I gave them […]

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  • Passwords, We Have Way Too ManyPasswords, We Have Way Too Many
    Passwords, it seems like everyplace you go on the Internet someone is asking for your password. It’s not bad enough that everybody and their brother wants you to set up an account with another password, they all have different rules for your password. Must be at least 10 characters, must have capital letters, must have […]
  • Nothing Personal But I Don’t Trust Your EmailNothing Personal But I Don’t Trust Your Email
    The idea for this post started with an email from a friend asking me if I had ever been an attorney and this link, http://abovethelaw.com/2013/02/inside-straight-assuming-that-people-are-idiots/. That’s two strikes against it right there, I dislike attorneys and I don’t like blind links. What swayed me to read this was the relationship I have with my friend, […]
  • Why Do We Feel the Need To Revise History?Why Do We Feel the Need To Revise History?
    I’ve always liked the mystique of being a Texan. While I miss that six foot plus ruggedly handsome stereotype by several inches and …on second thought, several inches is as far as I will admit.  Every country I’ve been to fully expected to see me wearing boots, six gun and a ten gallon hat.  I […]


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A look at dogs having fun!

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With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • How The FCC Wants To Improve Rural InternetHow The FCC Wants To Improve Rural Internet
    I caught on to Santa Claus fairly early in life. It’s unfortunate then that it took me so long to realize that, despite their strongly spoken rhetoric, my government really doesn’t care about helping me. Sometimes this truth is so evident that I question my intelligence in ever believing their …
  • Wordfence, Protection For Your WordPress SiteWordfence, Protection For Your WordPress Site
    I first realized how much I appreciate Wordfence when WebHostingHub told me I had excessive activity on my server and I would have to disable Wordfence. That’s when I decided my relationship with WebhostingHub would be a short one. Wordfence is a free security plugin for WordPress sites. I’ve been …
  • Know When to Say Goodby to Your AppliancesKnow When to Say Goodby to Your Appliances
    When I make a mistake I try to admit it. If I can turn it into something positive it helps reinforce this behavior. Writing this post is about as good as it gets for this one. From my wife’s point of view I have a very bad habit of maintaining …
  • Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Three Years LaterRamsay Hunt Syndrome, Three Years Later
    I’d like to say that I wrote about my experience with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome for humanitarian reasons, maybe to share my story with other people suffering from the early phases, but those of you who know me would see right through that lie. I wrote that post to close out a …
  • There’s Magic In A NameThere’s Magic In A Name
    It’s a common belief in mythology that knowing a person’s name gives you tremendous power over them. Based on personal experience, I certainly believe there’s magic in a name. When my wife wants my attention she doesn’t use any endearing nicknames. She goes straight for the throat with my full …

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