Poser Gallery – Part 1

I’ve done a lot of pictures with Poser since I started using it. I have no aspirations of being a professional artist but I decided to put this gallery together to show off some of the work I’ve done. Clicking on any of the pictures should bring up the full size image.


sword2This was my first complete Poser picture. I did this for my review on Poser Debut








sheep_bThis was actually done in Bryce for my review on Bryce. I had to learn to move Poser objects to Bryce so I’m including it here. I hope to do more work with Bryce in the near future.






This was also done as a composite of Poser and Bryce. I did it to show how I was feeling in attempting to get my blog to the next level.








Just one more call before dinner

Just one more call before dinner


This was fairly simple but I was able to use my pasture as a background for the house. I’ve certainly considered putting a deck on my roof just to get calls but the cell booster in this post changed all that.









I did this for my post on Planning. For some reason I really like this desk. The map is actually an early map of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the view from the window is another view of my pasture.








Class Reunion


I have no excuse for this picture. I wanted to play with geckos and they got out of hand.








I did this for my post on Bring Your Own Device. I won’t go into the technical details but the getting the iPad emblem on the battering took a lot of work.










I did this for my post on Handwriting. I’m fairly sure I was influenced by watching the British version of Sherlock at the time. A great show by the way. This is the same desk I used in Planning but the window view is not my pasture this time.








Tree Combined

I did this for a friend after he told me his story about a bear, an ugly tree and an ax. He liked it and that was good enough for me.









This was done for my post on Congress, enough said.










I updated my picture of Congress to more closely match my own personal feelings of Congress. Here the ship is taking on water, all the rowers are out of sync and one of them has a broken oar. Based on current actions, I would say this is a fairly accurate portrayal







HD Shop Text

This was done for my post on Statistics. It’s the first female I’ve worked on and may be my last. My first three attempts could easily have passed for trolls. Once I got past that, well, in Poser it’s much easier to work with naked figures and then dress them once you get them posed. Ever try explaining to your wife why you’re playing with naked female figures?







This was done to create a series of headers for Fromthedoghouse.com. I really like the dog stealing the pastry in the lower left.










I was stuck for an idea in my How Do I Know post and the Quadrocopter antics inspired this.









If you’re wondering why he has no shoes, I had spent several hours on this just before my computer did a hard crash. No, I had not saved it and I really didn’t have the heart to start over. It did convince me to stop procrastinating and patch my copy of Poser to the latest version.





I did this for my post A Study in Communication. It’s fairly simple, using my favorite desk and a book. I used Adobe Elements to edit the cover texture of the book and give it a title in gold foil. Sounds easy but I learned a lot in doing it.






Trying to use a few of the rules of writing

Trying to use a few of the rules of writing


I did this for my post on Writing. By now you should recognize the desk. I added a balance scale because it fit the post and used a lot of different bottles to represent some of the various rules in writing. The labels on the bottles took me a while but I used the same technique I had learned with the book.






Office 2013B

I’ve liked this rabbit since I started using Poser but could find a good scene for him. This added just a touch of humor to a very serious subject, Microsoft’s new Office terms.










I did this for my post on Daylight Savings Time. You may recognize this scene from my Fromthedoghouse.com headers. The beauty of Poser is that you can reuse scenes. Here I used the same room, added a wall clock and moved the dog to watch the clock. I used Photoshop to make the shadowed hand and add the text. You can do it in Poser but it’s much harder.


Gecko and  Co-star relaxing after backstage interview

Gecko and Co-star relaxing after backstage interview





I did this for my ESD post. I really don’t have an answer. Sometimes you do something just because you can. This is one of them. The only defense I can come up with is that I had been watching back to back Jackie Chan films that day.








I did this to celebrate one year of blogging. I was trying to show that writing a blog is as difficult a painting a picture.  Based on feedback, maybe I’ll do better next year. If you look at the pictures you will see several from previous posts. The picture of Sundae, upper right, far wall, is the picture I used as my header on my first theme.






As I continue doing this blog, I’m developing more pictures every week. Rather than one very long page, I’m breaking it down to multiple pages. If you’re still enjoying this I invite you to check out page 2 of the gallery.


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