Intelligent Garden Spiders? It’s Not Even Halloween

Let me make it clear, I don’t like spiders. It’s not like I run away screaming when I see one. I’ve been forced to share the bathroom with a wolf spider and we both survived but neither of us enjoyed that experience either. On the other side of the spectrum, my wife...

Musings On The Effectivity Of Lessons Learned Databases

People frequently suggest  use of a Lessons Learned database as a best practice. Many companies have invested large amounts of time and money in creating those databases. Both the exceptional projects, where nothing goes wrong, and the plagued-ridden projects that...

Sundae, The Life And Times Of A Dedicated Companion

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last 14 years under very close supervision. If I tried to stay up too late, I was gently reminded it was past my bed time. Her displeasure was clear if I tried to snack too often. I was never allowed to sit at my desk too long...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

Poser Gallery

My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

How To Be A Successful Mass Murderer

How To Be A Successful Mass Murderer

I’m not going to ask why you’re here. We've all thought about it. The jerk cutting you off on the freeway, the traffic jam you were stuck in because you were cut off or maybe it’s just the people you have to work with. You know, the ones demanding you honor their...

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Duolingo, How To Enjoy Learning A Language

Duolingo, How To Enjoy Learning A Language

Today I completed my 76th consecutive Spanish lesson with Duolingo. Why Spanish? Why Duolingo and why is the number of days important? This isn’t my first attempt to learn a new language. My work brings me in contact with a number of different languages and while I...

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Random Posts

  • The HiBoost 4K LCD Phone Signal Booster, A ReviewThe HiBoost 4K LCD Phone Signal Booster, A Review
    Having found no reviews on the HiBoost 4K LCD phone signal booster and being prevented from posting one on Amazon I decided to write a review myself. I bought mine from Amazon on October 19, 2018 and was impressed by the performance. I live in a rural area and was only getting one bar on […]
  • Professionalism, Why Is It Disappearing?Professionalism, Why Is It Disappearing?
    I had no idea what was happening when I watched my first fencing tournament. The director was giving directions in French, the opponents would come together, lights came on the scoring box, the director would call halt and award a point. I did not yet have the background I needed to appreciate the sport. I […]
  • How To Identify An EngineerHow To Identify An Engineer
    How do you identify an engineer? My wife and I have frequent discussions about engineers being a unique class of people. She feels that communication with me is difficult because I think differently than most people. I feel that communication with me is far simpler than with other people as long as you follow the […]

Random Posts

  • Did The Ninjas Use Mental Telepathy?Did The Ninjas Use Mental Telepathy?
    Remain calm. Act normal and look around slowly to make sure no one is watching you. I don’t want to scare you but I may have stumbled on an ancient technique of the Ninjas.  If I’m right, my hope is to spread it widely before I’m silenced. We’ve all had the sensation that someone is […]
  • Spam Reduction, An Idea From The Thought Simulation ChamberSpam Reduction, An Idea From The Thought Simulation Chamber
    Today I’m the recipient of some sixty odd emails. Fifty-five of them assume I’m dumber than a pile of rocks and want me to visit their website and spend money. That’s not quite true, only eight of them want me to spend money on useless junk, the rest want to infect my computer and eliminate […]
  • The Up Mini 3D Printer RevisitedThe Up Mini 3D Printer Revisited
    The 3D printer testing this week by Make magazine inspired me to do this follow-up post on my Up Mini 3D printer. I’ll answer the most obvious question first. Then again, maybe not, I still have no rational reason for why I bought the printer but I can enthusiastically say I have no regrets about […]

Random Posts

  • Sundae at the Agility NationalsSundae at the Agility Nationals
    Sundae reports from Agility Nationals         I’ve seen my world from hotel room windows all over America. Oh, sorry, I’m supposed to introduce myself first. Mom always insists on manners. My name is Sundae, I’m an Australian Shepherd and I compete in agility. Mom is always taking my pack brother and me […]
  • Criticism, It’s Not Always BadCriticism, It’s Not Always Bad
    When I started this website I was really concerned about the comments that I would receive. How much tolerance would I have for negative comments? Would I get a multitude of negative comments? Could I handle the criticism without giving up completely? I guess I really didn’t need to worry because out of the almost […]
  • 3D Printer In The Home, Useful Or Just A Toy?3D Printer In The Home, Useful Or Just A Toy?
    Last week my wife was complaining that she needed a funnel to put her spices in the spice jars. I could have shown her how to make a funnel out of paper or gone down to the store to buy her a funnel but those  solutions never occurred to me, instead I used my 3D […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Why Can’t I get The Internet Speed I’m Paying For?Why Can’t I get The Internet Speed I’m Paying For?
    This year my electric company made me a deal I couldn’t refuse, 1000 Mbps Internet. Only two years ago, I was still living with two very questionable ADSL lines from AT&T. On a good day I might get 1.2 Mbps. Last year T-Mobile Home offered service in my area and …
  • How To Drive Customers Away, Why I’m Done With NetgearHow To Drive Customers Away, Why I’m Done With Netgear
    Over the years I’ve used a number of Netgear modems, routers and switchers but this weekend I received what will be my last Netgear product. It’s a simple Wi-Fi range extender and probably works well but Netgear’s attempt at customer retention is not acceptable. Netgear will not let me setup …
  • Wanted, a Women’s Magazine for the Rest of UsWanted, a Women’s Magazine for the Rest of Us
    Top-Drawer Women’s Magazine Wanted By Zee “Top Drawer” is fine because our flexibility to bend down to the bottom drawer isn’t what it used to be … but we still want to be acknowledged as important, but not “aged” or “senior” or “mature” or other dastardly names we’re called after …
  • Betrayal at Neverwinter Mod 6Betrayal at Neverwinter Mod 6
    (If you’re not into MMORPGs, Neverwinter mod 6 in particular, do yourself a favor and skip this.) You say you want me to help you kill a dragon? Times must be worse than I thought when you have to scour taverns to get a group together. Still, like myself, I …
  • So Much Knowledge Lost Through RetirementSo Much Knowledge Lost Through Retirement
    I have a friend who has retired after many years as a mechanical designer. He was as good as most engineers when it came to mechanical design but he didn’t have the degree that would allow him to call himself an engineer. Certainly he recognized his limitations. If you asked …

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