Welcome to My Poser Gallery!

Since I started, I’ve done a lot of pictures using Poser and decided to put this gallery together to show off some of the work I’ve done. All of the images here were done by me in either Poser or Bryce. Most of these pictures were done in support of this blog but a few were done just because I had an idea that I wanted to see how it looked. I started with Poser Debut but I’m now using Poser Pro 2014.

If you’re interested in pursuing this further, here are some of the vendors I deal with:

Contentparadise.com – This is Smith Micro’s (Poser developer) storefront. They have a number of free and paid 3d models. They also have a number of free tutorials on using Poser.

www.Daz3d.com – Free DAZ3D Studio and some very nice 3d models. They often have free models and specials. Not surprisingly, they have a number of free tutorials on Daz Studio. They also support Bryce, another very interesting art package.

www.Renderosity.com – I like Renderosity. They have a wide variety of packages and free packages. They run a lot of specials. When I need an unusual scene or special effects, I start with Renderosity.

www.ShareCG.com – ShareCG is a good place for aspiring artists to show off their efforts. Everything is free but you have cognizant of the rights given to you by the packages. Some are for personal use only and some are free to use for both commercial and personal. I’ve found some very good 3d models and some very mediocre.

PzDB – PzDB is not a site, it’s a program that makes it easy to keep track of all the models you acquire. When I passed 100 files I was lost and found it increasingly difficult to find my 3d models. Now I only do a search followed by a drag and drop. I highly recommend it.


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