Intelligent Garden Spiders? It’s Not Even Halloween

Let me make it clear, I don’t like spiders. It’s not like I run away screaming when I see one. I’ve been forced to share the bathroom with a wolf spider and we both survived but neither of us enjoyed that experience either. On the other side of the spectrum, my wife...

Musings On The Effectivity Of Lessons Learned Databases

People frequently suggest  use of a Lessons Learned database as a best practice. Many companies have invested large amounts of time and money in creating those databases. Both the exceptional projects, where nothing goes wrong, and the plagued-ridden projects that...

Sundae, The Life And Times Of A Dedicated Companion

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last 14 years under very close supervision. If I tried to stay up too late, I was gently reminded it was past my bed time. Her displeasure was clear if I tried to snack too often. I was never allowed to sit at my desk too long...

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  • An Engineer Muses On Fictional WritingAn Engineer Muses On Fictional Writing
    If you’ve seen the movie, Apollo 13, you remember the scene where the mission director comes in with a box of stuff dumps it on the desk and says this is what we’ve got, make it work. I don’t think there’s an engineer out there who wouldn’t love to have that challenge. Just watching the […]
  • How Much Am I Saving By Turning Out All The Lights?How Much Am I Saving By Turning Out All The Lights?
    The start of a new year provides us with a time of reflection and resolutions. Today, with the end of the old year on the horizon, I find myself going from room to room turning out lights in an attempt to keep my electricity bill reasonable. I remember my father performing the same ritual, probably […]
  • Time, A Perspective and An ApologyTime, A Perspective and An Apology
    When it comes to time I seem to have a lot of conflicting behaviors. If a meeting is supposed to start at 10AM, I strive to be there on time. If my meeting is supposed to last one hour, it will end before the hour is up. These actions are categorized by many people as […]

Random Posts

  • Congressional Lottery, A ProposalCongressional Lottery, A Proposal
    Sequestration or not, every member of Congress should be deeply ashamed of the service they’ve given us getting here.  Many people have advocated getting rid of incumbents, term limits, campaign spending limits. I would like to offer my own solution. I believe I have a plan that restores Democracy, brings back the idea of independents, […]
  • Teamwork, A Term Misunderstood By CongressTeamwork, A Term Misunderstood By Congress
    Apparently I lied when I said I was going to skip Congress as a topic. This morning my wife told me how Congress was congratulating themselves on coming up with a deal at the last minute and I was reminded of the six phases of a project. 1. Enthusiasm – We’re going to work together […]
  • Don’t Be Seduced by TechnologyDon’t Be Seduced by Technology
    When it comes to new technology most of us are familiar with the terms “Bleeding edge” “leading edge” and “legacy”. Bleeding edge is the latest and greatest. It’s just beginning to show up in the hands of a few tech savvy consumers. We call it bleeding because it’s a given that you will endure pain. […]

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  • Do Dogs Have Psychic Powers?Do Dogs Have Psychic Powers?
    I’d like you to consider the possibility that dogs have managed to develop a psychic bond with us. I know the animal psychologists say that dogs are extremely perceptive and watch us for small clues. That’s why our dogs turn into a pack of whirling dervishes when my wife gets her car keys. They know […]
  • Repairing My 3D PrinterRepairing My 3D Printer
    This week had a number of coincidences. After telling you that my wife is like a magnet for nails, she ended up with another nail in her tire and right after I published my latest post on my 3D printer, my printer died. My wife felt it was a very convenient coincidence that my printer […]
  • Happy Mother’s DayHappy Mother’s Day
    If I had given thought to the idea, I would have timed my Celebration post to come out on Mother’s Day. Then again, my Mother deserves her own post for all the grief I gave her as a child. The following are a few examples of what she had to cope with while raising me. […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Whatever Happened To Compromise And Acceptance?Whatever Happened To Compromise And Acceptance?
    I have no mouth and must scream is a short story by Harlen Ellison. Unfortunately it also very accurately sums up my feelings on American politics. I’ll confess to avoiding Twitter and Facebook. I have my website but I’ve accepted that the stats on my website don’t lie, nobody wants …
  • Terms and Conditions, a CautionTerms and Conditions, a Caution
    Every once in a while I read something that screams for a post. That’s the case with this news story, I’m not going to repeat all the details but it describes a couple who placed and order for a product they never received. Although they tried their best they …
  • Creeping Elegance, the Design of a RemoteCreeping Elegance, the Design of a Remote
    I’m going to introduce a term that might be new to you, creeping elegance. It’s probably been the cause of more project failures than poor engineering. If you’re an engineer or a programmer you already know it way too well but just in case you’re not, let me give you …
  • The Importance of Teamwork in a DesignThe Importance of Teamwork in a Design
    Imagine if you will, a design team that has been tasked with designing a tablet that will be crucial to the future of their company. The team consists of the best and brightest engineers and programmers in the company. For those of you that like names, let’s call the company …
  • Betrayal at Neverwinter Mod 6Betrayal at Neverwinter Mod 6
    (If you’re not into MMORPGs, Neverwinter mod 6 in particular, do yourself a favor and skip this.) You say you want me to help you kill a dragon? Times must be worse than I thought when you have to scour taverns to get a group together. Still, like myself, I …

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