A Look At Class Action Suits Using the Google+ Settlement

When my sister asked me to write a post on class action suits, I greeted it with all the enthusiasm shown to managers showing up at the last minute asking for a white paper, before close of business. Never mind that the need has been languishing on their desk for the...

To Mask Or Not To Mask, Why Is There Even A Question?

2020 certainly was nothing like what we anticipated. We have politicians giving medical advice and orders based on nothing but their own fears and pocketbooks. We have doctors absolutely amazed that we’re ignoring their advice. Really, when was the last time you had a...

The Solar Powered Chicken Coop Fan Project Revisited

Between Google, Pinterest and the renewed interest in keeping chickens, my solar powered chicken coop fan project has become a very popular post. Although low maintenance, I was replacing the battery every year. The Texas heat and the way I hooked it up both conspired...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

Poser Gallery

My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

The Me Too Movement, One Woman’s Opinion

The Me Too Movement, One Woman’s Opinion

I want to make it very clear that this was not written by me. I could give the standard disclaimer about the opinions expressed here and so on but as a male, I’m not qualified to express an opinion on the topic. However, as a woman who has spent over forty years in...

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Random Posts

  • Patent Reform, We Should Demand ItPatent Reform, We Should Demand It
    There is no easier way to get me to jump on a soapbox than to start a discussion on patents. While I fully support the concept of patents and I feel that the inventor should be rewarded for his efforts, I just don’t think that’s the way our system is working. Nor do I think many […]
  • SEO, How You Got Here Without Intending ToSEO, How You Got Here Without Intending To
    Despite the title I’m not going to tell you how to improve the SEO on your website. If you have a website, you really do need to understand SEO but I’m not the one to tell you.  Instead I’m going to tell you what SEO is and how it affects your searches on the web […]
  • What I Learned From Udacity About LinkedIn Getting HackedWhat I Learned From Udacity About LinkedIn Getting Hacked
    The only thing keeping me from doing my victory dance at the moment is the presence of my wife in the living room. Like many of the people in my profession I’m a member of LinkedIn, so I was very concerned when I heard LinkedIn had been hacked. Then why the urge to do a […]

Random Posts

  • The Importance Of Good Grammar, A Mathematic LookThe Importance Of Good Grammar, A Mathematic Look
    Every once in a while I have to let my inner engineer interact with the real world. I apologize to you now but this post is the result of one of those times. About a year ago I wrote a post bemoaning the confusing rules of writing. It’s my nature to look at a system […]
  • The Great Courses, I Almost Missed ThemThe Great Courses, I Almost Missed Them
    I have a long list of topics for blogs sitting in my Dropbox folder. I even have a few unfinished posts that would only take a short time to finish. The problem is that nothing appeals to me as a subject and I try to do at least one new post a week. Being completely […]
  • Trust In The Digital Age, Has The Definition Changed?Trust In The Digital Age, Has The Definition Changed?
    I want to ask you the question. If Target announced that it was having a 50% off sale today and you could only use your credit card but they assured you that you could not get hacked, would you do it? My guess is no. Simply speaking, they have lost your trust in their ability […]

Random Posts

  • The Way We Present Numbers Reveals A Lot About UsThe Way We Present Numbers Reveals A Lot About Us
    The first time I saw Spock turn to Captain Kirk and say, “This plan only has a 5.377 percent probability of success,” I was hooked. Spock was able to use his massive intellect and compute the probability of the Enterprise surviving an encounter with the Romulans to three decimal places. That one action immediately earned […]
  • Does Communication Method Influence Thought?Does Communication Method Influence Thought?
    I want to confess that my previous post was an experiment in communication. No, there’s no subliminal messages or hidden phrases. It wasn’t written using a random buzzword generator. Instead, it was written almost completely by dictating it to Dragon Naturally Speaking. Hmm, I see by the expression on your face, you don’t understand why […]
  • Married to an Engineer – Part 3, Brussel SproutsMarried to an Engineer – Part 3, Brussel Sprouts
    Over all the years my wife and I have been married one thing has remained constant, I hate Brussel sprouts. I’ve eaten stuff all over the world but nothing that tastes as bad as those little green balls of cabbage. When the marriage was still young my wife tried serving them to me in a […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Poser Debut, an Engineer’s ReviewPoser Debut, an Engineer’s Review
    I think Smith Micro has a real hit with Poser Debut. As  a engineer I’ve always been impressed by an artist’s ability to convey a message using a minimum of information. If I want to represent a bird in a picture I immediately think of feathers, beak, eyes and wings. …
  • Windows 10 Upgrade, Can You Trust Microsoft?Windows 10 Upgrade, Can You Trust Microsoft?
    Somehow a discussion of trust seems very appropriate as Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 for free. Are they doing this to apologize for the mess they made of Windows 8? Are they hoping that giving free upgrades will convince Windows 7 users to upgrade? And if that’s the case, …
  • An Engineer’s PerspectiveAn Engineer’s Perspective
    I admit it, I went into engineering because I enjoy solving problems. When I look at something I think about the design techniques employed and the ways to use it in practice. I think about possible improvements, design trade-offs and always enjoy seeing new technology. If you see me staring …
  • A Mother’s Day Post On Political ChangeA Mother’s Day Post On Political Change
    I should explain why I’m doing a political post for Mother’s Day. Last year I explained that I have to consider both my Mother and my Mother-in-law. When it comes to this blog both of them have given me strong encouragement to continue writing. They’ve only expressed one minor disappointment, …
  • Tired Of Being Spied On? Support Data Gathering TaxesTired Of Being Spied On? Support Data Gathering Taxes
    It’s fall again and with the lower temperatures I tend to take longer showers. Those of you that visit my site frequently know what that means, more time for me to think about solving world problems. My first shower of the season and I think I’ve really found a gem …

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