Why All The Negative Political Ads? Are Politicians Afraid Of A Position?

I just finished exercising my political rights by voting against all the candidates so far from my own political views that I had no choice but to vote for their opposition. Looking back on my experience, I realize every vote I made was for the lessor evil. I did my...

How To Get A Solar Powered Potting Table. Married To An Engineer

I’m not going to say I was manipulated into my solar powered potting table but looking back at it, the signs were there. Shortly before our anniversary, my Wife started showing me potting tables made by other men for their wives. The thing was, none of these tables...

Prusa MK3S, Built In Self Destruct Or Swiss Cheese Theory of Failure

I’m writing to warn all the Prusa MK3S owners about a built in self destruct mechanism in your printer. Avoiding it is easy, not avoiding it cost me over $100 and took my printer down for over a week. It all started when I started seeing bare copper traces on my heat...

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  • Upgrading To The Prusa MK3S From the Prusa MK2 , Is It Worth It?Upgrading To The Prusa MK3S From the Prusa MK2 , Is It Worth It?
    It’s Saturday night as I listen to my new Prusa MK3S and wonder how I can justify my purchase of a third 3D printer to my wife. After two years, my Prusa MK2 was getting a bit long in the tooth. My prints were no longer a thing of beauty. Where I used to have […]
  • How To Take Part In  A DDoS Attack Without Even TryingHow To Take Part In A DDoS Attack Without Even Trying
    This last Friday was a busy day for many of us. For my part, I was flying back to Texas after a brief business trip but if the numbers are to be believed, many of you were taking part in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that affected much of the Internet. Oh, I know […]
  • Why All the Hate For PO Boxes?Why All the Hate For PO Boxes?
    Before you read too far, let me confess to you that I was in a very irritated frame of mind when I wrote this. After waiting two weeks for a word on the Nexus 7 I ordered from Google Wallet, I was notified yesterday that they cancelled my order because the address I gave them […]

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  • ControlsControls
    I want you to try an experiment. Pick a remote control that you use frequently and tell me what each switch does. Odds are that you can’t. I would even guess that you only use a few of them. As an engineer I love choices. The more controls you give me the better. As a […]
  • Don’t Be Seduced by TechnologyDon’t Be Seduced by Technology
    When it comes to new technology most of us are familiar with the terms “Bleeding edge” “leading edge” and “legacy”. Bleeding edge is the latest and greatest. It’s just beginning to show up in the hands of a few tech savvy consumers. We call it bleeding because it’s a given that you will endure pain. […]
  • Amazon’s Secret Weapon, No Will Call LinesAmazon’s Secret Weapon, No Will Call Lines
    When I needed 200 aluminum fence stays, I found them for $19 at Amazon and $11 at Lowe’s but I still bought them from Amazon. The decision wasn’t made because I’m a loyal dedicated Amazon shopper. It was a simple matter of economics. When I calculated all the costs, Amazon was cheaper and I’m not […]

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  • Magic, An Engineer’s PerspectiveMagic, An Engineer’s Perspective
    Being an engineer isn’t easy. I don’t mean the bewilderment that comes with social interaction. I don’t mean dealing with math and science. I’m talking about trying to enjoy a good fantasy book. I’m drawn to fantasy because it gives me a vehicle to explore new concepts. The problem is that I automatically start thinking […]
  • Probability, Statistics and UdacityProbability, Statistics and Udacity
    While going through college I worked as a security guard. This was almost perfect for me as a college student because when I was not walking my rounds I was expected to stay at my desk  where I could study. The work was easy and with only a few exceptions very low stress. During the […]
  • A Study in Communication, WebhostinghubA Study in Communication, Webhostinghub
    I decided to try WebhostingHub because $10 for a year of webhosting looked too good to pass up.  What I did not expect was a wonderful example of poor communication. I admit it, I’m cheap. I follow Rick Broida on Twitter because he comes up with some real bargains. When he Tweeted about a year […]

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A look at dogs having fun!

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  • 3D Artwork Using Poser and Daz3D3D Artwork Using Poser and Daz3D
    You’ve read my post on Poser Debut or maybe you’ve enjoyed a few of the pictures I’ve created and wondered just how hard can this be. I’m not going to make this a tutorial but I will take you through a few of the scenes to let you see just …
  • Sundae at the Agility NationalsSundae at the Agility Nationals
    Sundae reports from Agility Nationals         I’ve seen my world from hotel room windows all over America. Oh, sorry, I’m supposed to introduce myself first. Mom always insists on manners. My name is Sundae, I’m an Australian Shepherd and I compete in agility. Mom is always taking …
  • Symbols Of Power, The Exclamation PointSymbols Of Power, The Exclamation Point
    They say symbols have power. My first response as an engineer is to deny that. Symbols don’t have any power, the power of a symbol is based only on our perception of the symbol. You could say symbols represent power. If we’ve never seen the symbol or don’t recognize it, …
  • TNSTAAFL, Windows 10TNSTAAFL, Windows 10
    TNSTAAFL, There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Microsoft’s continuing antics to coerce me, by hook, crook or outright trickery, into accepting their free upgrade to Windows 10 brought this phrase to mind. Microsoft is hardly a nonprofit organization and I doubt that are trying to apologize to all …
  • Sundae Explains Why Fashion ChangesSundae Explains Why Fashion Changes
    While engineers are far more challenged by fashion than most of our species, I don’t believe a lack of fashion sense is limited to engineers. I have the basic rules down, well as long as I’m wearing nothing more than business casual. Throw a tie into the mix and I …

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