Married To An Engineer – The AI Version

I'm going to be up front about this post, I did not write or modify any of the text. All I did was give a word limit, a tone (snarky) and a subject (married to an engineer), the AI behind ChatGPT did the rest. After reading this, I'm both amazed and intimidated. Yes,...

How My Wife Caused A Microwave To Be An Engineering Dilemma

I guess you could say my dilemma started somewhere over twelve years ago when a Panasonic engineer in the microwave division made a poor decision. Then again, Panasonic continued to build these long after the defect was obvious. He may have received a hefty bonus for...

Why Did Amazon Kill Amazon Explore? It Was Becoming Great.

Why did Amazon kill Amazon explore? Let me start this rant by admitting I am an Amazon fan. I love the large selection of merchandise and the quick delivery. I’m a member of Prime and I frequently use their credit card. Still, they do enough boneheaded things that I...

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Duolingo, How To Enjoy Learning A Language

Duolingo, How To Enjoy Learning A Language

Today I completed my 76th consecutive Spanish lesson with Duolingo. Why Spanish? Why Duolingo and why is the number of days important? This isn’t my first attempt to learn a new language. My work brings me in contact with a number of different languages and while I...

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Random Posts

  • What It Takes To Be A Winner by RoninWhat It Takes To Be A Winner by Ronin
    There are times when you don’t feel like writing. This week, I’m trying to beat the rain and finish the new chicken coop for my wife. When I asked for volunteers to write, Ronin was the only one to speak up. Here’s hoping you like it. What it takes to be a winner Ronin Ever wonder […]
  • Do Electronics Have Feelings? How Can You Doubt It?Do Electronics Have Feelings? How Can You Doubt It?
    This morning as I left the shower, I heard my wife barking out orders to Alexa in a very forceful tone. Although Alexa has become an essential fixture in our life when she becomes confused, we tend raise our volume and enunciate very clearly. Almost like we were chastising her for not understanding us. Maybe […]
  • Using To Host Your BlogUsing To Host Your Blog
    I used to work at a small electronics store that grew too fast and could not sustain itself when to economy took a turn for the worse. When the store finally closed, I was amazed by the ego of the owner as he started selling subscriptions to his newsletter, a newsletter giving advice on running […]

Random Posts

  • Where I Admit I Made A Mistake About CongressWhere I Admit I Made A Mistake About Congress
    Spend enough time doing anything and sooner or later you’ll make a mistake. Some mistakes are unavoidable. You might say those are the cost of making decisions and although some of us never do, we’re expected to learn from our mistakes. In electronics it’s almost a given that your first prototype will have problems. That’s […]
  • Stop Insulting My Intelligence, A Rant For The Rest Of UsStop Insulting My Intelligence, A Rant For The Rest Of Us
    I’m tired of people insulting my intelligence. No, I don’t mean the comments on Opinionbypen suggesting my writing is only slightly better than what my dogs could write or the few choice words my supervisor uses after reading my latest progress report. I’m not even talking about the 500 emails I get every day telling […]
  • Comments on Udacity vs. CollegesComments on Udacity vs. Colleges
    Today I got to read an interesting article by David Youngberg , “Why Online Education Won’t Replace College—Yet ” He gives five  points to support his beliefs and even took CS101 from Udacity as research. I think he’s very right in his main assumption but he certainly picked five very poor points on which to […]

Random Posts

  • Too Good For Your Career?Too Good For Your Career?
    When you design a game you have two classes of gamers that you have to consider, those that are content doing the same thing over and over to get a high score and those that want new challenges, new levels, and new areas to explore. If people don’t find what they want in your game, […]
  • Without Net Neutrality Expect Cable Television Content And ServiceWithout Net Neutrality Expect Cable Television Content And Service
    Net neutrality is one of the things that keeps the Internet from becoming an echo of the vast cable television nothingness. If you were to take a survey of the most hated companies in the US, I’m willing to bet that the cable companies would top the list. Nobody likes their bundling, their tiered pricing […]
  • Why Does the Net Neutrality Fight Look Like A 1970’s Wrestling Script?Why Does the Net Neutrality Fight Look Like A 1970’s Wrestling Script?
    It’s times like this that I feel fortunate to only have ten loyal readers. You see, much to my eternal embarrassment, I used to spend my Sunday mornings watching wrestling. That was a long time ago and I was fairly sure it was fake staged but the constant battle of good versus evil always seemed […]

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A look at dogs having fun!

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With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • The LinkedIn Numbers GameThe LinkedIn Numbers Game
    Sometimes having easy access to statistics can cause us to focus on the numbers instead of our goal. I used this picture of my dogs for this post because their personality matches illustrates the point. Shelby and Cajun are easily distracted, Sundae will always remain tightly focused on her goal, …
  • What To Do With An Abandoned Website, FromtheDoghouse.comWhat To Do With An Abandoned Website,
    The Internet is littered with dead and abandoned websites. You know the signs, most of the links no longer work, the last post was over a year ago and nothing is up to date. For every website that succeeds, there’s a hundred that don’t. The reasons are varied, not enough …
  • Starting A Blog? Spend Some Time PlanningStarting A Blog? Spend Some Time Planning
    I think everybody would agree that planning is essential. There are degrees of planning that may be necessary to be successful but the planning still needs to take place. My wife tells me that I over plan everything.  I don’t get it.  If I’m going somewhere I’ve never been I’ll …
  • Amazon vs Hachette, A Consumer’s ViewAmazon vs Hachette, A Consumer’s View
    In the current argument between Amazon and Hachette, I’m not qualified to discuss the finer details of price points and author royalties. What I can discuss is my opinion and my response as a consumer. I don’t expect anything I say to influence Hachette. I think they see e-books as …
  • The SainSmart 3018 PROVer CNC Router, A ReviewThe SainSmart 3018 PROVer CNC Router, A Review
    Given the number of posts I’ve made on 3D printers, it’s safe to assume that I feel I’ve mastered the basic techniques. Still you always wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. In my case, thanks in part to the Covid blues and Amazon’s Prime day I …

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