Why Do I Care If My Random Number Generator Isn’t Random

I’m always amazed at how little interest people take in probability and random numbers. Is that RAND function in Excel really random? Is it possible to synchronize two random number generators and predict numbers? What is a weak random number generator and why would...

Negative Reviews, They Don’t Always Represent Bad Product

If, like me, you read a lot of reviews before making a purchase you wonder why a lot of big name companies are sending out shoddy merchandise.  Sure it looks like the majority of people are completely satisfied with the product but there’s always a few dead on arrival...

It’s Absolutely Impossible For Us To Stop Being An Engineer

We all do it. When we're reading a book or watching a movie containing elements of our expertise and the story does something so ridiculous that we find it impossible to enjoy the story. Even worse we find ourselves sharing our disgust with anyone willing to listen....

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  • Bounce Rate, What It Means To Your Favorite SiteBounce Rate, What It Means To Your Favorite Site
    In America we’re taught to tell someone something nice before we criticize them. I’ve never understood if this is supposed to soften the blow or if it’s a tool to boost their ego before it gets completely crushed. I’ve also been told by a few other cultures I work with that this is an American […]
  • The Importance of Teamwork in a DesignThe Importance of Teamwork in a Design
    Imagine if you will, a design team that has been tasked with designing a tablet that will be crucial to the future of their company. The team consists of the best and brightest engineers and programmers in the company. For those of you that like names, let’s call the company Chester’s Online Natural Gas and […]
  • Trust In The Digital Age, Has The Definition Changed?Trust In The Digital Age, Has The Definition Changed?
    I want to ask you the question. If Target announced that it was having a 50% off sale today and you could only use your credit card but they assured you that you could not get hacked, would you do it? My guess is no. Simply speaking, they have lost your trust in their ability […]

Random Posts

  • Shelby, We Miss YouShelby, We Miss You
    Our first and oldest Australian Shepherd, Shelby, died early Monday morning. Her death was a natural one brought about by old age. We knew it was coming but the knowledge did little to soften the loss. She spent fifteen too short years with us, having joined our family as a rescue at the approximate age of two. […]
  • Demystifying The Prusa PINDA With a Possible SubstituteDemystifying The Prusa PINDA With a Possible Substitute
    Slightly over three years ago, I acquired my first 3D printer, a UP! Mini. I didn’t know it at the time but as a beginning printer it was perfect for me. Two years later I was familiar with the weaknesses of my printer and wanted more. I studied reviews, I put various printers on my […]
  • Engineers From Technicians, A PerspectiveEngineers From Technicians, A Perspective
    In electronics you have two classes of knowledge experts, Engineers and Technicians. I’m ignoring the programmers for the moment because they only complicate this discussion.  The distinction between the two classes can become very blurred but Engineers are expected to create designs, while Technicians implement and troubleshoot those designs. At a practical level, the difference […]

Random Posts

  • What’s Amazon Whispersync And Why Do I Care?What’s Amazon Whispersync And Why Do I Care?
    I think I’ve stumbled on a great way to save money on books from Audible. It doesn’t work every time and your savings tend to vary dramatically but when it works you feel like looking over your shoulder to see if the Amazon police are watching. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of e-books. […]
  • Shouting Is A Poor Form Of CommunicationShouting Is A Poor Form Of Communication
    A few nights ago I was playing Tera with a friend who wanted to try it out. He was on a trial account and while he could receive messages from me he could not send them to me. This lead to a mildly frustrating 30 minutes involving phone texting and emotes. I understand the reasons […]
  • Grammar and Rhetoric, the Drout WayGrammar and Rhetoric, the Drout Way
    When I wrote my post on the confusing rules of writing, the last thing I expected to find was an answer. Two months later not only have I found several answers but I have a better insight into the way I learn. All thanks to two books on rhetoric and grammar. Living in rural Texas, […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • How Much Am I Saving By Turning Out All The Lights?How Much Am I Saving By Turning Out All The Lights?
    The start of a new year provides us with a time of reflection and resolutions. Today, with the end of the old year on the horizon, I find myself going from room to room turning out lights in an attempt to keep my electricity bill reasonable. I remember my father …
  • How Do I Know If an Engineer Loves MeHow Do I Know If an Engineer Loves Me
    About once a month I see a Google query from someone wanting to know how to tell if an engineer loves them. Google, for reasons best known to Google, directs them to my post  How to Argue With an Engineer. I don’t know if this is always the same person …
  • The Killing Frost, A Transition to Winter In My GardenThe Killing Frost, A Transition to Winter In My Garden
    After six years, I finally persuaded my wife to write a post for OpinionbyPen. Well, that and the sadness she felt with the transition to winter killing so much of her garden. She’s writing under the nom de guerre of Big Tomato. Keeping the Brussel sprouts at bay, I hasten …
  • Are The Engineers In Your Life Ignoring You? What You Can Do About ItAre The Engineers In Your Life Ignoring You? What You Can Do About It
    If there’s an engineer in your life, I’m certain you often feel ignored by them. Don’t take it personally, it happens to everyone. My goal is to explain why they seem to be ignoring you and how to improve your situation. Notice I did not say gain full attention. Having …
  • First Thoughts on Flying a Phantom DJ3 Advanced QuadcopterFirst Thoughts on Flying a Phantom DJ3 Advanced Quadcopter
    Several years ago, I found myself admiring a friend’s F16 RC model. It was almost five feet from nose to tail and although it had single ducted fan motor in the body to replicate the jet engine of the F16, it was supposed to be one of the fastest models out there. It …

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