Married To An Engineer: When Does Repair Become Replace?

“I know engineers better than that! They would never throw away a 3D printer that quit working without trying to repair it first.” These words were exclaimed by my wife as she watched a credit card commercial showing engineers trashing a malfunctioning printer and...

The SainSmart Jinsoku LC-40 Laser Engraver, A Review

I’ve always been fascinated by lasers. When I was much younger, I tried to make one using an LED and a transistor for amplification. Fortunately physics was against me and I think we’re all happy my attempt was a failure. That failure did nothing to diminish my...

Why Can’t I Find A Good Book, The Evolving Nature Of Literature

There's nothing as wonderful as starting a new book and finding yourself totally immersed within the first chapter. Sadly, such books are becoming scarcer than finding a worthy political candidate. I find myself reading more books and enjoying far fewer of them. I...

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A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

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  • Musings On A The Existence Of Parallel UniversesMusings On A The Existence Of Parallel Universes
    The concept of parallel universes has always fascinated us. Think about worlds identical in every respect to ours except for a single difference. Somewhere out there we took that job in California or married our childhood sweetheart or won the lottery. Roger Zelazny envisioned worlds separated from ours in terms of probability. The higher the […]
  • 3D Printed Christmas Presents, A Good Idea Or Not?3D Printed Christmas Presents, A Good Idea Or Not?
    One of the attractions of a 3D printer is all the money you can save with 3D printed Christmas presents. I mean who wouldn’t want that collection of cute animal figures you’ve been printing. Never mind that it took sixty hours to print and that they could find better quality in the bargain bin of […]
  • Sometimes the Engineers Get It Wrong, TPMSSometimes the Engineers Get It Wrong, TPMS
    Yesterday the TPMS warning for my wife’s canine roadshow, AKA known as a Dodge Grand Caravan, came on. In case you’re not familiar with the term, the TPMS is your tire pressure monitoring system. Now my wife’s relationship with tires is the stuff urban legends are built from, her tires attract more nails than a […]

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  • An Engineer’s Observations On Becoming A Better SupervisorAn Engineer’s Observations On Becoming A Better Supervisor
    There was a time, long ago, when I thought the design was everything. Not to brag, but I was really good at it. I did the hardware, the software and the testing. I was a one man show. Fortunately, my management recognized this limited the complexity of the designs I was able to produce for […]
  • A Design Principle Frequently ForgottenA Design Principle Frequently Forgotten
    In his lectures on rhetoric, Professor Michael Drout said write what your audience needs to hear, not what you want to say. Each time he said that I nodded my head in agreement. This concept was important enough that he repeated it several times at various points in his lecture. About the third time this […]
  • Giving Criticism That Will Be Heeded, An Engineer’s GuidelinesGiving Criticism That Will Be Heeded, An Engineer’s Guidelines
    When I started Opinionbypen, I had long discussions with myself wondering if I was tough enough for all the criticism I would get. I knew my writing needed help. I knew I my paragraph separation was accomplished by feel rather than doctrine. And, if we’re doing true confessions , my comma placement is just shy […]

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  • Use It Or Lose It, A Cautionary Tale To All HusbandsUse It Or Lose It, A Cautionary Tale To All Husbands
    We’ve all heard the term, use it or lose it. All you have to do is look at the mess our current voting system is in to realize the truth of that statement. Still, I’ve promised that I’ll stay away from politics so I’ll let that one pass. In college I learned how to do […]
  • How To Take Part In  A DDoS Attack Without Even TryingHow To Take Part In A DDoS Attack Without Even Trying
    This last Friday was a busy day for many of us. For my part, I was flying back to Texas after a brief business trip but if the numbers are to be believed, many of you were taking part in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that affected much of the Internet. Oh, I know […]
  • Negative Reviews, They Don’t Always Represent Bad ProductNegative Reviews, They Don’t Always Represent Bad Product
    If, like me, you read a lot of reviews before making a purchase you wonder why a lot of big name companies are sending out shoddy merchandise.  Sure it looks like the majority of people are completely satisfied with the product but there’s always a few dead on arrival or dead within a few weeks. […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Using To Host Your BlogUsing To Host Your Blog
    I used to work at a small electronics store that grew too fast and could not sustain itself when to economy took a turn for the worse. When the store finally closed, I was amazed by the ego of the owner as he started selling subscriptions to his newsletter, a …
  • How To Get A Solar Powered Potting Table. Married To An EngineerHow To Get A Solar Powered Potting Table. Married To An Engineer
    I’m not going to say I was manipulated into my solar powered potting table but looking back at it, the signs were there. Shortly before our anniversary, my Wife started showing me potting tables made by other men for their wives. The thing was, none of these tables looked like …
  • A Discussion on the Writing of DocksideA Discussion on the Writing of Dockside
    I’ll admit to a huge amount of pride in the stories I’ve written. Unfortunately very few of you have read my stories. That’s not your fault. I already know what I write doesn’t appeal to everyone. Before you protest, let me explain that the way my stories are published gives me …
  • An Attempt To Make Sense Of The Rules Of WritingAn Attempt To Make Sense Of The Rules Of Writing
    Over the last 3 months I’ve been trying to improve the content of my blog, both the pictures I use to illustrate my articles and the quality of my writing. As I expected, Poser has helped me  to improve my pictures. I’m starting to understand the shortcuts and tricks that …
  • When Did the Definition of Unlimited Change?When Did the Definition of Unlimited Change?
    It always irritates me when I see commercials preying on our stupidity. I guess that’s why watching Sprint’s commercial extolling how their reliability is within one percent of everyone else, always results in my wife having to endure a rant on the difference between reliability and coverage. My lecture on …

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