Baby Knowledge, An Important Concept In Being Understood

When we moved out to our ranch, my wife had to impress on me that horses were not merely big dogs that we could ride. Wagging their tail does not indicate pleasure at seeing you. Rolling on the ground doesn’t always mean their back itches and yawning certainly doesn’t...

The Way We Present Numbers Reveals A Lot About Us

The first time I saw Spock turn to Captain Kirk and say, "This plan only has a 5.377 percent probability of success," I was hooked. Spock was able to use his massive intellect and compute the probability of the Enterprise surviving an encounter with the Romulans to...

My Approach To Identifying And Eliminating Email Spam

I don't know about you but I've completely stopped answering my phone. If you want to talk to me, leave a message. I’m guessing you already know why I made that decision; 99.9 percent of the calls are someone trying to sell me something or to scam me. In case you...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

Poser Gallery

My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

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  • A Design Principle Frequently ForgottenA Design Principle Frequently Forgotten
    In his lectures on rhetoric, Professor Michael Drout said write what your audience needs to hear, not what you want to say. Each time he said that I nodded my head in agreement. This concept was important enough that he repeated it several times at various points in his lecture. About the third time this […]
  • An Engineer’s Plan For Romance On Valentine’s DayAn Engineer’s Plan For Romance On Valentine’s Day
    It’s not that I hate Valentine’s Day but I certainly have reason to fear it. From my point of view, nothing good comes from this holiday. Forget it and I’m in the doghouse. Use the day to tell my wife I love her and my wife questions me about the other 364 days. Putting in a bird […]
  • Encryption and Hacking, A Government Granted Right?Encryption and Hacking, A Government Granted Right?
    Did you heave a huge sigh of relief this year when your personal rights were reaffirmed? Twice in fact, once by the Library of Congress when they issued an opinion that hacking your vehicle’s software was legal and once by the UN when they declared encryption to be a basic personal right. Considering the mess that […]

Random Posts

  • A Futuristic Design Concept, REPTILEA Futuristic Design Concept, REPTILE
    Today’s post doesn’t fall into any of my normal categories. It won’t educate you or make you think about an issue. It won’t give you a better idea of how to cope with an engineer (although you will see the imagination that my wife has to put up with). No, today I’m sharing a futuristic […]
  • An Attempt To Make Sense Of The Rules Of WritingAn Attempt To Make Sense Of The Rules Of Writing
    Over the last 3 months I’ve been trying to improve the content of my blog, both the pictures I use to illustrate my articles and the quality of my writing. As I expected, Poser has helped me  to improve my pictures. I’m starting to understand the shortcuts and tricks that make a picture look real. […]
  • Why Does the Net Neutrality Fight Look Like A 1970’s Wrestling Script?Why Does the Net Neutrality Fight Look Like A 1970’s Wrestling Script?
    It’s times like this that I feel fortunate to only have ten loyal readers. You see, much to my eternal embarrassment, I used to spend my Sunday mornings watching wrestling. That was a long time ago and I was fairly sure it was fake staged but the constant battle of good versus evil always seemed […]

Random Posts

  • A Very Personal Look At The Engineering Decision Making ProcessA Very Personal Look At The Engineering Decision Making Process
    I’ve written a number of posts about how engineers think and make decisions, so I was stunned when my Wife questioned my decision making process and demanded details. My first response was to deny any malfeasance on my part but when I recovered my composure I realized she might have a point. Having admitted that […]
  • Food ScoutFood Scout
    In almost every war movie I’ve watched there’s one guy that seems to be able to scrounge anything. In the corporate engineering world we all scrounge for parts but the talent we really admire is the food scout. It’s no secret that engineers are strongly food motivated. I don’t know what the connection is but […]
  • Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?
    The majority of Website owners want you to leave comments. After all, the only reason their site exists is for you to visit. Comments show you took enough time reading the post to make your comment. So why is it so hard to leave a comment? Why do these websites want our email addresses, force […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • A Late Mother’s Day Praise For Mother NatureA Late Mother’s Day Praise For Mother Nature
    It’s amazing how fast time passes. This makes my fourth Mother’s Day post since I started Opinionbypen. Okay, last year was a political piece but I dedicated it to both my Mother and Mother-in-Law because of their strong interest in politics.  Given how tough it is to have good SEO …
  • SEO, How You Got Here Without Intending ToSEO, How You Got Here Without Intending To
    Despite the title I’m not going to tell you how to improve the SEO on your website. If you have a website, you really do need to understand SEO but I’m not the one to tell you.  Instead I’m going to tell you what SEO is and how it affects …
  • Ready For Your Hard Drive To Fail? Make Sure Your Backup WorksReady For Your Hard Drive To Fail? Make Sure Your Backup Works
    Backup software is a lot like an insurance policy. Until you have an accident you have no idea how good it is. Of course, if you race down the highway at 100 mph, trying to determine what your stockbroker meant when he texted you, “sell immediately,” you’ll probably find out …
  • A Milestone?A Milestone?
    Friday the 13th was an auspicious day for this blog. If you’ve read any of my posts, it should come as no surprise that I love numbers. I also want to know what the numbers represent. WordPress, the framework for this blog,  provides a very nice app that lets me …
  • Shelby, The Reason I Have Australian ShepherdsShelby, The Reason I Have Australian Shepherds
    Given a number of choices, each having equal weight, I tend to use minor factors to decide rather than make a totally random choice.  In this case a post on Shelby won out because she looks really good in the previous post with my wife. Shelby was and still is …

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