Why Did My Electric Blanket Fail? An Autopsy Into Its Death

My electric blanket was just your typical, everyday electric blanket, barely a year old and lightly used. It came with a promising five-year warranty, a promise that quickly dissolved into nothing when the supplier conveniently went out of business or changed their...

Customer Service, Why The L8 Is My Last Sainsmart Product

When it comes to technology, I tend to have a pretty staunch brand loyalty. It’s not just about the tech meeting my needs; if two products are similar in technology and capability, the price isn’t as big a deal to me as the brand itself. However, there's another...

Retirement, A Very Personal Fear

Fear is a funny thing. I’ve seen grown men injure themselves to escape a common garden spider. Personally, I’m petrified when I have to climb higher than 3 feet on a ladder. They’ve never been bitten by a spider, I’ve never fallen off a ladder, so why the paralyzing...

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2023, I’m Very Glad To See It End

2023, I’m Very Glad To See It End

2023 is now firmly in my rear view mirror and I have zero feelings of nostalgia. It was tough losing two of our beloved dogs to cancer. Sundae had been a part of our family for 14 years, leaving a significant void, and even though Hilde was with us for just under a...

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  • Driving Change With Comments, You Should Do ItDriving Change With Comments, You Should Do It
    Grab any product you know like the back of your hand and check out its comments. Ditch the fake, fluffy ones—they’re as real as a three-dollar bill! Personally, I get a good laugh out of reading those one-star dramatics. Oh, and we’re ignoring the folks who say, “Awesome product!” and then slap it with one […]
  • Married To An Engineer, Why Can’t I Have A New OvenMarried To An Engineer, Why Can’t I Have A New Oven
    I wanted my wife to write this from her point of view because if anyone in this marriage has suffered, it’s her. She wants a new oven and I continue to repair the old one. As long as it continues to work, why do we need to replace it? I realized just how different my way […]
  • Windows 10, Microsoft Doesn’t Get ItWindows 10, Microsoft Doesn’t Get It
    Have you ever been listening to someone and thought to yourself, “they just don’t get it.” No, I wasn’t talking about our politicians. Although given their actions over the last few year, it’s obvious that they don’t get it either.  Instead I was talking about some of our leading industries and the decisions they made. […]

Random Posts

  • Great Appearance, Good To Have, Bad To Vote ForGreat Appearance, Good To Have, Bad To Vote For
    I have a point to make but before I do so I want to put my audience in the proper frame of mind. When I consider the perfect woman I think of somebody who is very slender, drop dead gorgeous with perfect makeup and long hair. Of course with these attributes there’s no question that […]
  • The Overly Contemplative Writer’s Dilemma, How Do I Spend My Time?The Overly Contemplative Writer’s Dilemma, How Do I Spend My Time?
    It’s amazing how far we go to kill time. I have a firm rule when I travel, I never turn the TV on. This is supposed to encourage me to write, read or catch up on Audio books. To re-enforce this, I have no games on my phone or tablet. Nor do I have Facebook. […]
  • The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology?The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology?
    When I started this blog, I knew that I wanted to stay more or less on technical issues. Politics was an issue I would avoid. Aside from too many other talented people writing on politics, there was also too much rhetoric, emotion and a seeming lack of ability to do basic math on the part […]

Random Posts

  • How To Talk With An EngineerHow To Talk With An Engineer
    Last week when I described my current systems engineer position as being all about communications, I almost lost my wife to uncontrollable laughter. When she finally recovered, all she said, while still trying to catch her breath was, “how do you stay employed?” She has a point.  If you have an engineer in your life, you […]
  • What Idiot Designed This? In Defense Of EngineersWhat Idiot Designed This? In Defense Of Engineers
    Ever try to fix something and ask yourself, “what idiot designed this?” It’s certainly happened to me often enough. Yeah, a few of those times it was one of my own designs but we’re not going to discuss those today. Before I get too far into this post let me freely admit that not all […]
  • Making Decisions Based On Website DataMaking Decisions Based On Website Data
    If there’s an engineer in your life, you know how utterly fascinated we are by data. We use data to make purchases, to troubleshoot and to make important decisions. In How to Argue with an Engineer, I told you how engineers use data to support our arguments. It should come as no surprise to you that […]

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A look at dogs having fun!

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With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Class Action Suits, A Way To Balance The Budget?Class Action Suits, A Way To Balance The Budget?
    The odds are strong you’ve been a client in a class action suit. You might never know you were involved in one. Maybe more than one, I know I’ve been represented in several. It seems the moment you buy something, you’re automatically included in a class action suit. Many of …
  • How Much Am I Saving By Turning Out All The Lights?How Much Am I Saving By Turning Out All The Lights?
    The start of a new year provides us with a time of reflection and resolutions. Today, with the end of the old year on the horizon, I find myself going from room to room turning out lights in an attempt to keep my electricity bill reasonable. I remember my father …
  • How The FCC Wants To Improve Rural InternetHow The FCC Wants To Improve Rural Internet
    I caught on to Santa Claus fairly early in life. It’s unfortunate then that it took me so long to realize that, despite their strongly spoken rhetoric, my government really doesn’t care about helping me. Sometimes this truth is so evident that I question my intelligence in ever believing their …
  • How Do I Know If an Engineer Loves MeHow Do I Know If an Engineer Loves Me
    About once a month I see a Google query from someone wanting to know how to tell if an engineer loves them. Google, for reasons best known to Google, directs them to my post  How to Argue With an Engineer. I don’t know if this is always the same person …
  • A Proposal For Developing Engineering SynergyA Proposal For Developing Engineering Synergy
    If you work in a factory you’re used to hearing management babble, just think about your mission statement. If it’s like most mission statements out there, it’s a collection of meaningless phrases. Take this for example, “Utilizing our engineering synergy, we will develop a paradigm of waste cutting and improved …

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