Why Does A Request For Advice So Often Result In An Argument?

If there's anything that can cause conflict between my wife and me, it's a misunderstanding of my role in life when she makes a request for advice. Hmm, I said that poorly, let me give an example. You're sitting at your computer, trying to understand why your 3D...

The Killing Frost, A Transition to Winter In My Garden

After six years, I finally persuaded my wife to write a post for OpinionbyPen. Well, that and the sadness she felt with the transition to winter killing so much of her garden. She’s writing under the nom de guerre of Big Tomato. Keeping the Brussel sprouts at bay, I...

Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?

The majority of Website owners want you to leave comments. After all, the only reason their site exists is for you to visit. Comments show you took enough time reading the post to make your comment. So why is it so hard to leave a comment? Why do these websites want...

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  • Sundae at the Agility NationalsSundae at the Agility Nationals
    Sundae reports from Agility Nationals         I’ve seen my world from hotel room windows all over America. Oh, sorry, I’m supposed to introduce myself first. Mom always insists on manners. My name is Sundae, I’m an Australian Shepherd and I compete in agility. Mom is always taking my pack brother and me […]
  • Color, Fashion and an EngineerColor, Fashion and an Engineer
    Have you ever considered what a wondrous thing it is to see color?  In spring I get to enjoy the vivid green of my pasture, the bright red of the cardinals as they feast on the insects trying to eat my pasture, the mixed reds and yellows of my wife’s roses, even the black and […]
  • Why Publishers Should Allow Me To Loan EbooksWhy Publishers Should Allow Me To Loan Ebooks
    I’ve come across a dark cloud in my digital world, I can’t loan ebooks. It’s no secret that I’ve fully embraced the digital world. I have an Android smart phone, an iPad, a Kindle, a netbook and a few dozen other devices I used to use. My Kindle account is attached to my Kindle, my […]

Random Posts

  • A Milestone?A Milestone?
    Friday the 13th was an auspicious day for this blog. If you’ve read any of my posts, it should come as no surprise that I love numbers. I also want to know what the numbers represent. WordPress, the framework for this blog,  provides a very nice app that lets me know how many people have […]
  • Amazon’s Secret Weapon, No Will Call LinesAmazon’s Secret Weapon, No Will Call Lines
    When I needed 200 aluminum fence stays, I found them for $19 at Amazon and $11 at Lowe’s but I still bought them from Amazon. The decision wasn’t made because I’m a loyal dedicated Amazon shopper. It was a simple matter of economics. When I calculated all the costs, Amazon was cheaper and I’m not […]
  • Apathy, How To Waste Your VoteApathy, How To Waste Your Vote
    Over the last few months I’ve had some very harsh words for our politicians in Washington. My Mother-in-law pointed out that the politicians really aren’t to blame for our current situation. They may be totally incompetent and dysfunctional but it’s not their fault they are in office. The only reason they are in office is […]

Random Posts

  • Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?
    The majority of Website owners want you to leave comments. After all, the only reason their site exists is for you to visit. Comments show you took enough time reading the post to make your comment. So why is it so hard to leave a comment? Why do these websites want our email addresses, force […]
  • Surviving An Engineering PresentationSurviving An Engineering Presentation
    If you’re a nontechnical person and had the misfortune of having to sit through an engineering presentation you probably felt the presentation was never going to end. There was just not enough coffee in the room to keep you awake. There’s a reason for all of this. Like many engineers I never enjoyed giving these […]
  • A Discussion on the Writing of DocksideA Discussion on the Writing of Dockside
    I’ll admit to a huge amount of pride in the stories I’ve written. Unfortunately very few of you have read my stories. That’s not your fault. I already know what I write doesn’t appeal to everyone. Before you protest, let me explain that the way my stories are published gives me the ability to see when […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • A SEO Enhanced ResumeA SEO Enhanced Resume
    People tell us not to judge a book by the cover but we’ve all passed up good books because of poor cover art. If you think about it, your resume serves much the same function as a book cover and let’s face it, compared to our counterparts in marketing, most …
  • It’s July 4 But Some British Influence Might HelpIt’s July 4 But Some British Influence Might Help
    Today is the Fourth of July, a date celebrated by all Americans as the day we declared independence from England. Fireworks, backyard barbecues and massive sales are the highlights of this day. In making that declaration we said we were separating from the British Empire. I don’t want to turn …
  • Suggestions On Writing Readable Product ReviewsSuggestions On Writing Readable Product Reviews
    It’s Christmas time! Then again, by the time you read this, Christmas will probably be over for the year. Fortunately for you this post only has a slight relationship to Christmas. Every year as Christmas draws near my wife asks for something related to her gardening. Couldn’t be easier, I …
  • What It Takes To Be A Winner by RoninWhat It Takes To Be A Winner by Ronin
    There are times when you don’t feel like writing. This week, I’m trying to beat the rain and finish the new chicken coop for my wife. When I asked for volunteers to write, Ronin was the only one to speak up. Here’s hoping you like it. What it takes to be …
  • Professionalism, Why Is It Disappearing?Professionalism, Why Is It Disappearing?
    I had no idea what was happening when I watched my first fencing tournament. The director was giving directions in French, the opponents would come together, lights came on the scoring box, the director would call halt and award a point. I did not yet have the background I needed …

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