Have A Message? Viewing Conversation As A Value Transaction

I've embedded an audio version of this post. Of course, the voice is AI generated but please let me know how you feel about this feature. Thanks! Ever get out of a meeting thinking that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back? When you consider it, getting someone to...

Is Your Team Always Missing Deadlines? It Might Be You!

Perhaps it’s my background in electronic design speaking, but I’ve always regarded time as sacrosanct. Consider this: when you're designing a system that operates at 100 MHz, tolerating a signal that "usually" arrives on time is out of the question. Too late, or even...

Adjusting To Retirement After A Lifetime Of Employment, A Journey

For all the fears I had about retirement, I wasn't expecting the real problems. First, there was the insurance dilemma. It turns out that my wife was too young for Medicare, and there's no such thing as a family plan that covers both of us. I ended up juggling two...

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  • Sequestration, Escrow and Congressional Cuts, An IdeaSequestration, Escrow and Congressional Cuts, An Idea
    Think about this. You’ve known for a while that your company was having some issues. Your company seems to be slipping in its market position and recently the board of directors can’t seem to agree on anything. Your manager calls you into his office to tell you that the board of directors can’t agree on […]
  • Bank of America, I Hear You CallingBank of America, I Hear You Calling
    After reading my last post, my wife suggested I address one particular vampire. I’m doing two because I’m amazed at how long one of these vampires has been around. Over the last month both she and I have been getting daily text messages from “BOA”, “B of America” and finally “Bank of America” to call […]
  • Terms and Conditions, a CautionTerms and Conditions, a Caution
    Every once in a while I read something that screams for a post. That’s the case with this news story, http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/02/tech/couple-fined-for-negative-review/. I’m not going to repeat all the details but it describes a couple who placed and order for a product they never received. Although they tried their best they could not get in touch […]

Random Posts

  • Driving Change With Comments, You Should Do ItDriving Change With Comments, You Should Do It
    Grab any product you know like the back of your hand and check out its comments. Ditch the fake, fluffy ones—they’re as real as a three-dollar bill! Personally, I get a good laugh out of reading those one-star dramatics. Oh, and we’re ignoring the folks who say, “Awesome product!” and then slap it with one […]
  • Written By An Engineer, Improved By AI. Which Do You Prefer?Written By An Engineer, Improved By AI. Which Do You Prefer?
    A request for data: I have a problem. While I don’t intend to suggest a topic and have ChatGPT write my post for me, I’m also not going to ignore a tool I can use to make my writing better. I’ve always felt that more readers will read other posts if they find my writing […]
  • Wonder Why Society Is Failing? Blame It On The  InternetWonder Why Society Is Failing? Blame It On The Internet
    Wonder why society is failing? I blame it on the Internet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internet but I also believe it’s responsible for causing us to become a very mean-spirited society. Until now, we’ve always had some amount of personal risk for displaying bad manners. Prior to the Internet, duels, gunfights, libel […]

Random Posts

  • An Engineer Attempts Valentine’s DayAn Engineer Attempts Valentine’s Day
    Today is that most feared of all days, Valentine’s Day. You don’t fear Valentine’s Day? That can only mean you’re not an engineer or you’re not married to an engineer. Still not understanding? As an engineer, I automatically analyze all aspects of my life. When it comes to romance, I don’t have a clue. I […]
  • Bell, Book and iPadBell, Book and iPad
    When it comes to understanding women I often feel that my engineering background is a handicap. My entire career has been based on evaluating data, solving problems and looking beyond the obvious to find a root cause. All of which seems to be completely useless when it comes to dealing with my wife. I feel […]
  • One Year In The Making, A Blogging QuestOne Year In The Making, A Blogging Quest
    One year in the making…that’s how long this post has taken me. Exactly one year ago I started this blog with my first post, Beginning, embarking on this quest. Since then I’ve written 95 posts on a variety of topics. In response to those posts, Opinionbypen.com has had over 6500 page views and over 10,000 […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

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With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • BeginningBeginning
    As my age increases  I’m starting to think that I’m wasting a huge opportunity to be a voice in this world. On the other hand, maybe it’s just that the current selection of video games is boring and I’ve always wanted to be part of the Internet. I like challenges, …
  • Bots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel AloneBots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel Alone
    I’m really tired of all the net parasites that visit my website on a daily basis. You might know them as bots or webcrawlers but somehow parasites fits. I’ve mentioned before that the number of bots my site receives far exceeds the number of visitors.  On a typical day my …
  • Small Talk, How This Engineer Learned To Enjoy ItSmall Talk, How This Engineer Learned To Enjoy It
    It should come as no surprise that I regard social get togethers as a form of state sanctioned torture. There’s multiple reasons but the main issue is small talk. There’s no polite way to say how much I suck at small talk. At first mention of the train wreck to …
  • Why I’m Proud of My WifeWhy I’m Proud of My Wife
    Most of my regular readers are probably tired of me talking about Udacity and I promise you that they only play a small part in this post. My wife has watched me spending a lot of my time studying my coursework and doing homework. She’s certainly seen how frustrated I’ve …
  • An AI Assistant Comparison, Alexa, Google and Folgers?An AI Assistant Comparison, Alexa, Google and Folgers?
    Once they hit the market, it was a given that sooner or later I would acquire one of the AI assistants on the market. The only thing holding me back was bandwidth and cost. When Google dropped the price on their mini and Amazon dropped the price on their Dot. …

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