The Overly Contemplative Writer’s Dilemma, How Do I Spend My Time?

It’s amazing how far we go to kill time. I have a firm rule when I travel, I never turn the TV on. This is supposed to encourage me to write, read or catch up on Audio books. To re-enforce this, I have no games on my phone or tablet. Nor do I have Facebook. You would...

3D Printed Christmas Presents, A Good Idea Or Not?

One of the attractions of a 3D printer is all the money you can save with 3D printed Christmas presents. I mean who wouldn't want that collection of cute animal figures you've been printing. Never mind that it took sixty hours to print and that they could find better...

The Me Too Movement, One Woman’s Opinion

I want to make it very clear that this was not written by me. I could give the standard disclaimer about the opinions expressed here and so on but as a male, I’m not qualified to express an opinion on the topic. However, as a woman who has spent over forty years in...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

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  • The Art Of Communication, Let Your Audience Dictate How You Say ItThe Art Of Communication, Let Your Audience Dictate How You Say It
    There are times when my wife is so frustrated from trying to talk to me that she wonders if I’m an idiot savant with the emphasis on idiot. Why? Communication. Exchanging concepts between two people is difficult. Throw an engineer into the mix and it’s almost impossible. If you know an engineer, you already know […]
  • How To Identify An EngineerHow To Identify An Engineer
    How do you identify an engineer? My wife and I have frequent discussions about engineers being a unique class of people. She feels that communication with me is difficult because I think differently than most people. I feel that communication with me is far simpler than with other people as long as you follow the […]
  • What I Learned From Udacity About LinkedIn Getting HackedWhat I Learned From Udacity About LinkedIn Getting Hacked
    The only thing keeping me from doing my victory dance at the moment is the presence of my wife in the living room. Like many of the people in my profession I’m a member of LinkedIn, so I was very concerned when I heard LinkedIn had been hacked. Then why the urge to do a […]

Random Posts

  • How The FCC Wants To Improve Rural InternetHow The FCC Wants To Improve Rural Internet
    I caught on to Santa Claus fairly early in life. It’s unfortunate then that it took me so long to realize that, despite their strongly spoken rhetoric, my government really doesn’t care about helping me. Sometimes this truth is so evident that I question my intelligence in ever believing their intentions were good. Avoiding the […]
  • 3D Artwork Using Poser and Daz3D3D Artwork Using Poser and Daz3D
    You’ve read my post on Poser Debut or maybe you’ve enjoyed a few of the pictures I’ve created and wondered just how hard can this be. I’m not going to make this a tutorial but I will take you through a few of the scenes to let you see just what is involved in making […]
  • One Year In The Making, A Blogging QuestOne Year In The Making, A Blogging Quest
    One year in the making…that’s how long this post has taken me. Exactly one year ago I started this blog with my first post, Beginning, embarking on this quest. Since then I’ve written 95 posts on a variety of topics. In response to those posts, has had over 6500 page views and over 10,000 […]

Random Posts

  • Bots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel AloneBots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel Alone
    I’m really tired of all the net parasites that visit my website on a daily basis. You might know them as bots or webcrawlers but somehow parasites fits. I’ve mentioned before that the number of bots my site receives far exceeds the number of visitors.  On a typical day my site receives about 10 visitors […]
  • Ever Think of Your Engineer as a Super Hero? The Evidence is There.Ever Think of Your Engineer as a Super Hero? The Evidence is There.
    I’m going to assume you’re reading this because you’re trying to make sense of the engineer in your life. I’ve written several posts on understanding engineers but maybe you’re looking for new insights. Ever think of your engineer as a super hero? There’s more evidence than you might suspect. Let me try to describe your […]
  • Where I Admit I Made A Mistake About CongressWhere I Admit I Made A Mistake About Congress
    Spend enough time doing anything and sooner or later you’ll make a mistake. Some mistakes are unavoidable. You might say those are the cost of making decisions and although some of us never do, we’re expected to learn from our mistakes. In electronics it’s almost a given that your first prototype will have problems. That’s […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Why Do I Care If My Random Number Generator Isn’t RandomWhy Do I Care If My Random Number Generator Isn’t Random
    I’m always amazed at how little interest people take in probability and random numbers. Is that RAND function in Excel really random? Is it possible to synchronize two random number generators and predict numbers? What is a weak random number generator and why would you want one? There’s an entire …
  • Why Isn’t There An American Micro Bit?Why Isn’t There An American Micro Bit?
    I don’t know if you’ve seen this headline, “Every 11-year-old in Britain is getting a free minicomputer,” or what you thought when you did but I found it amazing that this was being done in Britain. The Micro Bit giveaway is a program sponsored by the BBC in a joint …
  • Hubris, An Engineering Malady?Hubris, An Engineering Malady?
    Hubris, excessive pride or self-confidence. Last year I barely understood what it meant, today I recognize it for the deadly threat it is. Speaking as an engineer, we all know how fun it is to impress our non-engineering friends and family with our near mystical understanding of all things mechanical …
  • Passwords, We Have Way Too ManyPasswords, We Have Way Too Many
    Passwords, it seems like everyplace you go on the Internet someone is asking for your password. It’s not bad enough that everybody and their brother wants you to set up an account with another password, they all have different rules for your password. Must be at least 10 characters, must …
  • Lifetime Updates and Lifetime Warranties, Scam Or Real Value?Lifetime Updates and Lifetime Warranties, Scam Or Real Value?
    When I was comparing back up software, Acronis, Paragon and Aomei, the licensing terms were very different. Paragon provided updates until they released another major update. Acronis would update you for that year’s version. Unlike the others, for an extra $30 Aomei would give me lifetime updates.  In order to …

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