Duolingo, How To Enjoy Learning A Language

Today I completed my 76th consecutive Spanish lesson with Duolingo. Why Spanish? Why Duolingo and why is the number of days important? This isn’t my first attempt to learn a new language. My work brings me in contact with a number of different languages and while I...

I’m Sick And Tired Of Hearing Politicians Say Follow The Data

I'm fairly sure it's a conspiracy but since no one else is warning you, I feel that it’s my duty to warn you about the highly toxic nature of tomatoes. We’re all fortunate that tomatoes are becoming less toxic over time but their deadly nature cannot be denied. Of...

Can A Love Of Reading Be Considered A Secret Advantage?

If you were to ask me what my professional secret advantage is, I would say I love reading. Seems to be a strange thing to brag about.  After all, almost all of us can read. The fact that you are reading this post says you can read but do you enjoy it? When you need...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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Nature by Carol

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  • Symbols Of Power, The Exclamation PointSymbols Of Power, The Exclamation Point
    They say symbols have power. My first response as an engineer is to deny that. Symbols don’t have any power, the power of a symbol is based only on our perception of the symbol. You could say symbols represent power. If we’ve never seen the symbol or don’t recognize it, it has no power of […]
  • History, How To Reduce Events Into Meaningless DataHistory, How To Reduce Events Into Meaningless Data
    History, we know what that means, we’ve endured hours of study on the subject but we’re missing the point. Not only that but the scholars and teachers abandoned us long ago. I fully subscribe to the fact that history repeats itself and we can best understand our future by studying our past. That doesn’t explain […]
  • Bots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel AloneBots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel Alone
    I’m really tired of all the net parasites that visit my website on a daily basis. You might know them as bots or webcrawlers but somehow parasites fits. I’ve mentioned before that the number of bots my site receives far exceeds the number of visitors.  On a typical day my site receives about 10 visitors […]

Random Posts

  • Udacity RevisitedUdacity Revisited
    It’s Thursday night and I’m doing my homework for week two of Udacity CS253 Web Application Engineering. I haven’t even started doing CS387 Applied Cryptography content for this week. I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew for this run. My struggles cause me to think a lot about learning. This […]
  • After The Crash, Comparing Backup Software, Acronis, Aomei and ParagonAfter The Crash, Comparing Backup Software, Acronis, Aomei and Paragon
    The idea behind a software review is to give an unbiased appraisal of the program. Unfortunately most reviews are anything but unbiased. As hard as I tried, this review is no exception. After my experiences last month, I decided to see what else was out there for backup software. Given my love hate relationship with […]
  • Terms and Conditions, a CautionTerms and Conditions, a Caution
    Every once in a while I read something that screams for a post. That’s the case with this news story, http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/02/tech/couple-fined-for-negative-review/. I’m not going to repeat all the details but it describes a couple who placed and order for a product they never received. Although they tried their best they could not get in touch […]

Random Posts

  • Improving Our Vote Through Technology, A TSC IdeaImproving Our Vote Through Technology, A TSC Idea
    My wife dreads the arrival of Autumn. She loves the season, the brisk cold, the planning of next year’s garden but with the cold she also knows I spend more time in the shower taking long showers that completely drain our hot water system. The additional time spent in the Thought Simulation ChamberTM, gives me […]
  • Wilson Cellular Signal Booster, a ReviewWilson Cellular Signal Booster, a Review
    I’ve been impressed by how well the Wilson Cellular Signal Booster does what it promises but there are a few caveats in using it. It doesn’t amplify your cell phone signal so much as it enables you to take advantage of a better signal if it’s available outside your house. If you don’t have a […]
  • A SEO Enhanced ResumeA SEO Enhanced Resume
    People tell us not to judge a book by the cover but we’ve all passed up good books because of poor cover art. If you think about it, your resume serves much the same function as a book cover and let’s face it, compared to our counterparts in marketing, most engineers write really poor resumes. […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Becoming BorgBecoming Borg
    I’m assuming that you have a basic knowledge of the Borg. No need to fear though. If your knowledge of the Borg is lacking, please read this article from Wikipedia and come back: wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg.  You know who the Borg are now. You probably are thinking that I’m going to point …
  • Technical Arrogance, No One Is ImmuneTechnical Arrogance, No One Is Immune
    If there’s one thing the engineering world is full of, it’s arrogance. Don’t get me wrong, I suffer from the same affliction. I think it comes with being an engineer. After you’ve done the simulations and all the testing, it’s not a surprise that your design works. Enough successes and …
  • Needed, A Balanced Approach To Positive CommunicationNeeded, A Balanced Approach To Positive Communication
    Recently I received a thought provoking email from a friend resolving to take a more positive approach in his communications about people. I applaud his motives and had written this post on that issue but I realized that this is not the simple issue I was trying to make it. …
  • A Caution On Considering An Engineer As a CompanionA Caution On Considering An Engineer As a Companion
    Like many other bloggers, I check my logs frequently. I love seeing what articles people find interesting, what search terms they used to find me, and of course, did they find me interesting enough to read another post. I have two posts that always make me feel concern for the …
  • Color, Fashion and an EngineerColor, Fashion and an Engineer
    Have you ever considered what a wondrous thing it is to see color?  In spring I get to enjoy the vivid green of my pasture, the bright red of the cardinals as they feast on the insects trying to eat my pasture, the mixed reds and yellows of my wife’s …

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