Cooped Up With An Engineer For A While? Maybe This Will Help.

In these times of uncertainty and outright panic, it seems almost irresponsible to publish a post on living with an engineer. I certainly can’t argue the logic behind that line of thinking. On the other hand, the prospect of being cooped up with an engineer for an...

The Eternal Conflict Between Human Behavior And Engineering Logic

The popularity of my Married to an Engineer posts tells me that most of you have difficulty understanding how engineers think. As an engineer, I can tell you that difficulty is mutual. We try to design based on rational human beings and the truth is most of you are...

Time Travel As Viewed By Einstein. A Simplified Discussion

Time travel, I don’t know of any other concept so used and misused in Science Fiction. Although judging from Avengers Endgame, a lot of writers have problems with the concept. Still, despite the inherent paradoxes, from the time I was first introduced to the concept,...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

The Me Too Movement, One Woman’s Opinion

The Me Too Movement, One Woman’s Opinion

I want to make it very clear that this was not written by me. I could give the standard disclaimer about the opinions expressed here and so on but as a male, I’m not qualified to express an opinion on the topic. However, as a woman who has spent over forty years in...

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Random Posts

  • Risk Reward Analysis And How to Influence Your Engineer’s DecisionRisk Reward Analysis And How to Influence Your Engineer’s Decision
    Every decision an engineer makes goes through a risk reward analysis, each and every one. It’s not a complicated process, it doesn’t involve calculus but it’s not always obvious. Let me give you an example. Recently my two year old Samsung dryer decided to stop working. Power would come on but the drum wasn’t turning. […]
  • If You Want To Become A Better Writer, First Become A Better ListenerIf You Want To Become A Better Writer, First Become A Better Listener
    Six years ago, when I started Opinionbypen, I had a goal to become a better writer. Somehow I assumed that the constant practice provided by weekly posts would miraculously improve my writing. That’s certainly not the first thing I’ve ever been wrong about. Think about it this way. Suppose I want to become a boxer. […]
  • Small Talk, How This Engineer Learned To Enjoy ItSmall Talk, How This Engineer Learned To Enjoy It
    It should come as no surprise that I regard social get togethers as a form of state sanctioned torture. There’s multiple reasons but the main issue is small talk. There’s no polite way to say how much I suck at small talk. At first mention of the train wreck to be of the current Bachelor […]

Random Posts

  • What To Buy for the Engineer in Your Life?What To Buy for the Engineer in Your Life?
    Every year around this time my wife agonizes on what to get me for Christmas. This year I decided to help her by writing what to buy for the engineer in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hard to shop for but my wife and I live in two different worlds. Her world […]
  • ControlsControls
    I want you to try an experiment. Pick a remote control that you use frequently and tell me what each switch does. Odds are that you can’t. I would even guess that you only use a few of them. As an engineer I love choices. The more controls you give me the better. As a […]
  • Becoming BorgBecoming Borg
    I’m assuming that you have a basic knowledge of the Borg. No need to fear though. If your knowledge of the Borg is lacking, please read this article from Wikipedia and come back:  You know who the Borg are now. You probably are thinking that I’m going to point at your phone, your Bluetooth […]

Random Posts

  • Ever Think of Your Engineer as a Super Hero? The Evidence is There.Ever Think of Your Engineer as a Super Hero? The Evidence is There.
    I’m going to assume you’re reading this because you’re trying to make sense of the engineer in your life. I’ve written several posts on understanding engineers but maybe you’re looking for new insights. Ever think of your engineer as a super hero? There’s more evidence than you might suspect. Let me try to describe your […]
  • Happy Mother’s DayHappy Mother’s Day
    If I had given thought to the idea, I would have timed my Celebration post to come out on Mother’s Day. Then again, my Mother deserves her own post for all the grief I gave her as a child. The following are a few examples of what she had to cope with while raising me. […]
  • Cloud Encryption, Prudent or Paranoia?Cloud Encryption, Prudent or Paranoia?
    On a typical day I’ll use Dropbox three or four times. It provides an almost seamless method of sharing files between my smartphone, either of my tablets (iPad and Android) and my PC. I also use Dropbox to share pictures and files with my Wife and Mother-in-law. As far as a cloud application goes, it […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Victory DanceVictory Dance
    Among engineers there is a deep dark secret. After something goes incredibly right or when we find the solution to a problem that has been plaguing us for month , we do a victory dance. Mine is fairly vanilla but it’s also on a purely involuntary basis. Think about every …
  • FocusFocus
    In gaming, you get to pick specific attributes that contribute to your characters success. Real life is similar, but we don’t get to choose our attributes. In a way I was lucky, one of my strongest attributes is focus.  For an engineer, the ability to focus on a problem is …
  • A Late Mother’s Day Praise For Mother NatureA Late Mother’s Day Praise For Mother Nature
    It’s amazing how fast time passes. This makes my fourth Mother’s Day post since I started Opinionbypen. Okay, last year was a political piece but I dedicated it to both my Mother and Mother-in-Law because of their strong interest in politics.  Given how tough it is to have good SEO …
  • SundaeSundae
    While I enjoy the company of our dogs I realize that their motivations are sometimes very far from what we ascribe to them. When we try to humanize their behaviors we often misinterpret instinct for personality.  At least that’s what the canine behaviorists tell us. I’m never quite as sure. …
  • Technology Or Magic, Is There a Difference?Technology Or Magic, Is There a Difference?
    Do you believe in magic? If you answered no, why not? The evidence is all around you. As an engineer I have a very pragmatic view of the world. I’ve been taught the scientific method. I’ve been taught math, physics and chemistry as foundations of science. I’ve been taught that …

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