Musings On A The Existence Of Parallel Universes

The concept of parallel universes has always fascinated us. Think about worlds identical in every respect to ours except for a single difference. Somewhere out there we took that job in California or married our childhood sweetheart or won the lottery. Roger Zelazny...

The Loss of A Subscriber; You’re More Important Than You Realize.

I lost one of my subscribers a few days ago. Although I never met the man but I always appreciated his willingness to read my posts and to remain a subscriber. I feel bad that I didn't know more about him. It's obvious that we could have been friends or he would have...

The New Chair, An Engineer’s Journey In Buying A New Chair

Last week the bracket securing the arm of my gaming/ current office chair broke.  I’ll admit I’ve put on a few pounds during my Covid isolation and I never intended it to sub as a full-time office chair. Still, I haven’t gained that much weight and the chair was less...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

Poser Gallery

My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

OTR Mobile, A Review

OTR Mobile, A Review

OTR Mobile is not the Internet solution you’re looking for and whatever you do, don’t expect any money back from them. At $60 a month, OTR Mobile seemed like a no brainer decision. they offered me as much as 10 mps, almost 7 times than what my archaic ADSL service...

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Whatever Happened To Compromise And Acceptance?

Whatever Happened To Compromise And Acceptance?

I have no mouth and must scream is a short story by Harlen Ellison. Unfortunately it also very accurately sums up my feelings on American politics. I’ll confess to avoiding Twitter and Facebook. I have my website but I’ve accepted that the stats on my website don't...

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The SainSmart 3018 PROVer CNC Router, A Review

The SainSmart 3018 PROVer CNC Router, A Review

Given the number of posts I've made on 3D printers, it's safe to assume that I feel I've mastered the basic techniques. Still you always wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. In my case, thanks in part to the Covid blues and Amazon's Prime day I ended up...

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Random Posts

  • BYOD, a Rallying Cry For RevolutionBYOD, a Rallying Cry For Revolution
    BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, is a relatively new term. It reflects the desire of employees to use their own tablet, iPad or Android device rather than using the device provided by their company. I’ve been here before and it’s nothing less than a revolution, not one of violence or guns but one of computers […]
  • Closing Out 2019 In Bits And PiecesClosing Out 2019 In Bits And Pieces
    I admit it. Sometimes very logical conclusions completely escape me. I started Opinionbypen because I realized I was too isolated. At the time it never occurred to me that nobody cared. In order to people to take time out of their life and read my blog, they have to get something in return. When I […]
  • Opinionbypen 2016 Goals in Review, How Well Did I Do?Opinionbypen 2016 Goals in Review, How Well Did I Do?
    I force my wife to read the first draft of all my posts. I’ve found that this keeps me out of trouble with her and gives me some insight on how people will feel when they read it. I mention that because after reading this post she said I always seemed sad when summarizing my […]

Random Posts

  • Gamification, Another Management Fad?Gamification, Another Management Fad?
    I like my job, I really do. In order to ensure I continue to like my job I avoid a lot of topics that I would like to write about because my management might not see my point. This is one of those topics. One of the stronger engineering traits is the ability to see […]
  • How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil, a Review of the AudiobookHow to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil, a Review of the Audiobook
    I bought How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil because Audible put it on sale the same day I had an argument animated discussion with a co-worker about Artificial Intelligence. Knowing I was right, I bought the book to provide supporting material for my position. While the book did support my argument, just barely, my victory […]
  • Where Have All The Mentors Gone?Where Have All The Mentors Gone?
    It’s easy to forget there was a time before the Internet, before YouTube and before Facebook. Nowadays if you want to know how to change the power window motor on your 1994 Ford pickup, you pull up Google and do a search. Odds are good that someone has made a video telling you how. As […]

Random Posts

  • First ImpressionsFirst Impressions
    When something irritates me, I tend to remember it a long time. Many, many years ago I applied for a summer job at Six Flags Over Texas. After filling out the resume and waiting for the interview I was told that they would not even interview me until I cut off my mustache. If they […]
  • Sundae Explains Why Fashion ChangesSundae Explains Why Fashion Changes
    While engineers are far more challenged by fashion than most of our species, I don’t believe a lack of fashion sense is limited to engineers. I have the basic rules down, well as long as I’m wearing nothing more than business casual. Throw a tie into the mix and I fall to pieces. Now before […]
  • Bots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel AloneBots Invading Your Blog? Don’t Feel Alone
    I’m really tired of all the net parasites that visit my website on a daily basis. You might know them as bots or webcrawlers but somehow parasites fits. I’ve mentioned before that the number of bots my site receives far exceeds the number of visitors.  On a typical day my site receives about 10 visitors […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • News Reporters Or News Fabricators?News Reporters Or News Fabricators?
    News Reporters Or News Fabricators?                             by  –Zee– The “takedown” in McKinney Texas of a young lady by a police officer at a party held in a private neighborhood pool was vulgar, perhaps unnecessary, but it belonged to …
  • The Sunshine Greenhouse, a Six Hour ProjectThe Sunshine Greenhouse, a Six Hour Project
    Every year that my wife and I went to the State Fair of Texas, we looked at greenhouses. My wife would always tell me she wanted one. I always had plenty of excuses not to get one, we could not decide on a model, we could not decide on a …
  • The UP! Mini 3D Printer, A ReviewThe UP! Mini 3D Printer, A Review
    I bought the UP! Mini 3D printer from Amazon for $599. I found the sale price too good to pass up. Having had it for almost 48 hours, I don’t have buyer’s remorse but I might do more looking if I had it to do over. While this post is …
  • How To Identify An EngineerHow To Identify An Engineer
    How do you identify an engineer? My wife and I have frequent discussions about engineers being a unique class of people. She feels that communication with me is difficult because I think differently than most people. I feel that communication with me is far simpler than with other people as …
  • Why Would You Want To Write A Blog?Why Would You Want To Write A Blog?
    Ever notice that the moment you describe a problem to an engineer, they stop listening to you? Before you’ve finished describing the problem, they’ve started working on a solution for you. True, some of the very best engineers have the ability to remain focused on you until you’ve fully described …

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