Written By An Engineer, Improved By AI. Which Do You Prefer?

A request for data: I have a problem. While I don't intend to suggest a topic and have ChatGPT write my post for me, I'm also not going to ignore a tool I can use to make my writing better. I've always felt that more readers will read other posts if they find my...

DALL-E versus Poser Image Generation, Both Have Their Place

[Fair warning - I'm cheap, my website is slow and this is very picture intensive. It will load slowly] When I started Opinionbypen.com, I quickly learned that people wanted pictures. There’s a number of photo sites out there but between usage rights and finding the...

Why Is ChatGBT So Angry? It’s Only A Reflection Of Ourselves

This week I’ve been subjected to an overwhelming amount of drivel on the ChatBot being developed by Microsoft and ChatGPT. I’m not surprised, today’s reporters think research is searching a key word on Twitter. Real reporters have all but disappeared. Still, some of...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

Poser Gallery

My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

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  • Shelby, We Miss YouShelby, We Miss You
    Our first and oldest Australian Shepherd, Shelby, died early Monday morning. Her death was a natural one brought about by old age. We knew it was coming but the knowledge did little to soften the loss. She spent fifteen too short years with us, having joined our family as a rescue at the approximate age of two. […]
  • Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Three Years LaterRamsay Hunt Syndrome, Three Years Later
    I’d like to say that I wrote about my experience with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome for humanitarian reasons, maybe to share my story with other people suffering from the early phases, but those of you who know me would see right through that lie. I wrote that post to close out a chapter of my life and […]
  • Using WordPress.com To Host Your BlogUsing WordPress.com To Host Your Blog
    I used to work at a small electronics store that grew too fast and could not sustain itself when to economy took a turn for the worse. When the store finally closed, I was amazed by the ego of the owner as he started selling subscriptions to his newsletter, a newsletter giving advice on running […]

Random Posts

  • The American Compliment, It’s Destroying Our CredibilityThe American Compliment, It’s Destroying Our Credibility
    I was given an interesting glimpse into our culture a few days ago. A visitor to our country pointed out that Americans always waste time telling you something good before they tell you how poor your design is. I wanted to rebut him right away but I couldn’t think of anything good to say first. […]
  • Baby Knowledge, An Important Concept In Being UnderstoodBaby Knowledge, An Important Concept In Being Understood
    When we moved out to our ranch, my wife had to impress on me that horses were not merely big dogs that we could ride. Wagging their tail does not indicate pleasure at seeing you. Rolling on the ground doesn’t always mean their back itches and yawning certainly doesn’t mean they had a late night. […]
  • School Funding, Some Skin in the GameSchool Funding, Some Skin in the Game
    Saturdays are often lively at my local feed store. People go to buy feed but they also enjoy sharing their opinions on politics, drought, school funding and other elements of life in Texas. It would be unfair to describe me as out of my element in a North Texas feed store. A sheep in the […]

Random Posts

  • OTR Mobile, A ReviewOTR Mobile, A Review
    OTR Mobile is not the Internet solution you’re looking for and whatever you do, don’t expect any money back from them. At $60 a month, OTR Mobile seemed like a no brainer decision. they offered me as much as 10 mps, almost 7 times than what my archaic ADSL service from AT&T was giving me. […]
  • Office 2013 Terms, Marketing Ploy or Greed?Office 2013 Terms, Marketing Ploy or Greed?
    Revised March 6, 2013:  After reading my post Microsoft had a change of heart and relented on allowing you to transfer your copy of Office 2013. They made the announcement today allowing you to transfer it every 90 days. They did not mention my blog in particular but I know that’s they way it happened, […]
  • How Did My Website Get Hacked?How Did My Website Get Hacked?
    Getting hacked was not one of the new experiences I planned for my website in 2016. True, when I went to Rome’s Porta Portese flea market, I carried a spare wallet just so I could say I’d been pickpocketed but that was an experience I was planning for. I’ve already written my 2016 plan. I changed […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • In Praise of Two Moms, Mother’s DayIn Praise of Two Moms, Mother’s Day
    Mother’s day, that one day of the year that you devote the day to telling your mother thank you for everything she’s done. Of course, if you’re like my Mother and me, a full day is stretching it. Neither one of us has that much free time. When I started …
  • BYOD, a Rallying Cry For RevolutionBYOD, a Rallying Cry For Revolution
    BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, is a relatively new term. It reflects the desire of employees to use their own tablet, iPad or Android device rather than using the device provided by their company. I’ve been here before and it’s nothing less than a revolution, not one of violence or …
  • Married To An Engineer – Part 2Married To An Engineer – Part 2
    It’s happened again this year, once again I’ve forgotten my anniversary. Every year that it happens, I swear it won’t happen again. I’ve set alarms on watches, PDAs and smartphones. I went so far as to enlist my Mother-In-Law’s help but every once in a while all those mechanisms fail …
  • Windows 10 Versus Chromebook, What Does Intregity Have To Do With It?Windows 10 Versus Chromebook, What Does Intregity Have To Do With It?
    I’m writing this on a Chromebook. Think of it more as an experiment rather than a review of Chromebook capabilities. Why? When my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I saw it as an opportunity to upgrade my computer. A little research and I realized that in order …
  • Credibility, Amazon Lost It, Goodreads Failed. How Do I Choose My Next Book?Credibility, Amazon Lost It, Goodreads Failed. How Do I Choose My Next Book?
    There’s a big difference between consumer satisfaction and marketing. That difference is credibility and has become a major problem for me. Years ago books making it to the publisher had been carefully screened. After all, it was expensive to publish a book. This meant that the books getting published had …

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