Re-occurring Bills, Do The Companies Just Not Get It?

It’s that time of the month again, the week most of my bills come due. Prior to retirement, I gave very little thought to making insurance payments as they were automatically extracted from my paycheck. Retirement brought monthly insurance bills. Just thinking about...

Solar Powered Wyze Cameras, An Engineering Evolution

As with most engineering projects, it started with a need. In my case, as soon as I got high-speed Internet, I eagerly added several cameras. I chose Wyze because they are affordable, don’t require a monthly subscription, and offer excellent picture quality. Wanting...

Have A Message? Viewing Conversation As A Value Transaction

I've embedded an audio version of this post. Of course, the voice is AI generated but please let me know how you feel about this feature. Thanks! Ever get out of a meeting thinking that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back? When you consider it, getting someone to...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

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A look at the less technical side of life

Company Buyouts, Good For The Consumer?

Company Buyouts, Good For The Consumer?

You're justifiably proud of your waffle maker. It was a lesser-known brand, yet it cost half as much as its competitors, and its brilliant texture sensor guaranteed you got flawless waffles every time. Unfortunately, as soon as you plugged it in, someone mistook your...

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  • The Importance of Teamwork in a DesignThe Importance of Teamwork in a Design
    Imagine if you will, a design team that has been tasked with designing a tablet that will be crucial to the future of their company. The team consists of the best and brightest engineers and programmers in the company. For those of you that like names, let’s call the company Chester’s Online Natural Gas and […]
  • Idle Thoughts on TeleportationIdle Thoughts on Teleportation
    I don’t know how it is with other engineers but I don’t idle well. When I’m supposed to be having fun at the company picnic or at a social gathering, small talk is just not something I want to take part in. Working out the details of a design in my head is fun but […]
  • Luck, Statistics and Long MeetingsLuck, Statistics and Long Meetings
    It was during one of those long company meetings that I started thinking about luck. You know the meeting, it seems like a contest between the presenters on who can be the most boring. Trying to stay awake through one of those verges on the impossible. In an attempt to look vaguely interested, I started […]

Random Posts

  • Making a Demon Skull With LED EyesMaking a Demon Skull With LED Eyes
    Two weeks ago, I promised I would explain why I had a collection of demon skulls and I would have met that schedule but repairing my 3D printer took priority. That’s done and unfortunately by the time you read this Halloween is probably over too. Still, I really like the effect and I’ll be looking […]
  • Ego, It Doesn’t Improve Your Homelife EitherEgo, It Doesn’t Improve Your Homelife Either
    A very long time ago I was a manager of the small group of electronic designers. Like many engineering managers I had been a very good designer and I’d been promoted to the position of manager without knowing what it took to become a manager. The way I saw it, the best way to be […]
  • School Funding, Some Skin in the GameSchool Funding, Some Skin in the Game
    Saturdays are often lively at my local feed store. People go to buy feed but they also enjoy sharing their opinions on politics, drought, school funding and other elements of life in Texas. It would be unfair to describe me as out of my element in a North Texas feed store. A sheep in the […]

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  • Olympics, Meet The Connected AgeOlympics, Meet The Connected Age
    Every two years my wife starts building her media center for Olympic viewing. This consists of carefully looking at all the schedules, verifying that all the recording devices operate, verifying that everything is hooked up correctly and that we get all the channels we need to watch the Olympics. I see this as a perspective […]
  • Why Do I Care If My Random Number Generator Isn’t RandomWhy Do I Care If My Random Number Generator Isn’t Random
    I’m always amazed at how little interest people take in probability and random numbers. Is that RAND function in Excel really random? Is it possible to synchronize two random number generators and predict numbers? What is a weak random number generator and why would you want one? There’s an entire branch of mathematics devoted to […]
  • Spam, Spam and More Spam, A Closer Look At The DetailsSpam, Spam and More Spam, A Closer Look At The Details
    Receiving more spam than email? Drowning in Amazon order cancellations? Wondering why your spam filter is so inefficient? I still believe I had the perfect solution when I suggested taxing email but no one seemed to like that idea. If you consider knowledge as power, I’m going to give you some power over these spammers. […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Language and CultureLanguage and Culture
    I read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I enjoy the way it gives the author the freedom to explore different concepts, different rules of physics, different societies. I also don’t have to look for a deeper meaning. One of the books that really made me think was “The …
  • Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?
    The majority of Website owners want you to leave comments. After all, the only reason their site exists is for you to visit. Comments show you took enough time reading the post to make your comment. So why is it so hard to leave a comment? Why do these websites …
  • A Plea For An End To Tiny Instruction ManualsA Plea For An End To Tiny Instruction Manuals
    One of the movies being released this Christmas is Downsizing, a tale of people being shrunk to reduce their cost of living by reducing the resources needed to support them. It’s a sad commentary on our current state of affairs that my first thought was they would be able to …
  • They Make It So Easy to Sign Up, Why Do They Make So Hard to Cancel?They Make It So Easy to Sign Up, Why Do They Make So Hard to Cancel?
    Why is it so easy to sign up for a service and yet so hard to cancel that same service? The current trend in business  lets you sign up with nothing more than a credit card and an internet connection but when time comes to end the relationship, they make …
  • What It Takes To Be A Winner by RoninWhat It Takes To Be A Winner by Ronin
    There are times when you don’t feel like writing. This week, I’m trying to beat the rain and finish the new chicken coop for my wife. When I asked for volunteers to write, Ronin was the only one to speak up. Here’s hoping you like it. What it takes to be …

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