Married To An Engineer – The AI Version

I'm going to be up front about this post, I did not write or modify any of the text. All I did was give a word limit, a tone (snarky) and a subject (married to an engineer), the AI behind ChatGPT did the rest. After reading this, I'm both amazed and intimidated. Yes,...

How My Wife Caused A Microwave To Be An Engineering Dilemma

I guess you could say my dilemma started somewhere over twelve years ago when a Panasonic engineer in the microwave division made a poor decision. Then again, Panasonic continued to build these long after the defect was obvious. He may have received a hefty bonus for...

Why Did Amazon Kill Amazon Explore? It Was Becoming Great.

Why did Amazon kill Amazon explore? Let me start this rant by admitting I am an Amazon fan. I love the large selection of merchandise and the quick delivery. I’m a member of Prime and I frequently use their credit card. Still, they do enough boneheaded things that I...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

How To Be A Successful Mass Murderer

How To Be A Successful Mass Murderer

I’m not going to ask why you’re here. We've all thought about it. The jerk cutting you off on the freeway, the traffic jam you were stuck in because you were cut off or maybe it’s just the people you have to work with. You know, the ones demanding you honor their...

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  • An Engineer Muses On Fictional WritingAn Engineer Muses On Fictional Writing
    If you’ve seen the movie, Apollo 13, you remember the scene where the mission director comes in with a box of stuff dumps it on the desk and says this is what we’ve got, make it work. I don’t think there’s an engineer out there who wouldn’t love to have that challenge. Just watching the […]
  • Email Scam or Luckiest Man Alive?Email Scam or Luckiest Man Alive?
    I must be the luckiest man alive. Three weeks ago when I was looking at my bills and wondering how I was going to pay them, I got an email from an attorney in England. Some wealthy relative I didn’t even know about had died and left me his fortune. I immediately sent them all […]
  • Lower Gas Prices And 100 MPG The Congressional WayLower Gas Prices And 100 MPG The Congressional Way
    Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking hard about two things, how to get lower gas prices and how to get better mileage on my vehicle. It was while I was in the thought simulation chamber (shower to you) that the solution came to me. I was amazed, all these weeks I’ve been thinking […]

Random Posts

  • Men And Their Toys, My 3D PrinterMen And Their Toys, My 3D Printer
    It’s five AM and I’m up at my computer. I feel like a small boy again on Christmas morning, except I still have to wait another thirty minutes before my 3D printer finishes its first model. I started the printing over nine hours ago and then tried to sleep. Ever since I heard the concept […]
  • Cloud Encryption, Prudent or Paranoia?Cloud Encryption, Prudent or Paranoia?
    On a typical day I’ll use Dropbox three or four times. It provides an almost seamless method of sharing files between my smartphone, either of my tablets (iPad and Android) and my PC. I also use Dropbox to share pictures and files with my Wife and Mother-in-law. As far as a cloud application goes, it […]
  • First ImpressionsFirst Impressions
    When something irritates me, I tend to remember it a long time. Many, many years ago I applied for a summer job at Six Flags Over Texas. After filling out the resume and waiting for the interview I was told that they would not even interview me until I cut off my mustache. If they […]

Random Posts

  • What It Takes To Be A Winner by RoninWhat It Takes To Be A Winner by Ronin
    There are times when you don’t feel like writing. This week, I’m trying to beat the rain and finish the new chicken coop for my wife. When I asked for volunteers to write, Ronin was the only one to speak up. Here’s hoping you like it. What it takes to be a winner Ronin Ever wonder […]
  • An Engineer Looks At AccountantsAn Engineer Looks At Accountants
    Put a group of engineers together discussing projects and sooner or later the discussion will turn to beancounters. No, beancounters aren’t an apparatus for counting individual beans, we use the term to refer to the accounting department. As you might guess, this is not a term of high regard. There’s no denying that most engineers […]
  • The Killing Frost, A Transition to Winter In My GardenThe Killing Frost, A Transition to Winter In My Garden
    After six years, I finally persuaded my wife to write a post for OpinionbyPen. Well, that and the sadness she felt with the transition to winter killing so much of her garden. She’s writing under the nom de guerre of Big Tomato. Keeping the Brussel sprouts at bay, I hasten to add that her name […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Time, A Perspective and An ApologyTime, A Perspective and An Apology
    When it comes to time I seem to have a lot of conflicting behaviors. If a meeting is supposed to start at 10AM, I strive to be there on time. If my meeting is supposed to last one hour, it will end before the hour is up. These actions are …
  • An Opinion On Opinions. Why The Other Guy Isn’t Always WrongAn Opinion On Opinions. Why The Other Guy Isn’t Always Wrong
    With all the freedom and enlightenment our society is supposed to have, I find it amazing how little tolerance we have for someone with an opinion that differs from ours. Maybe the anonymity provided by the Internet reinforces this behavior, Twitter certainly seems to thrive on a crowd mentality. Still, …
  • The Loss of A Subscriber; You’re More Important Than You Realize.The Loss of A Subscriber; You’re More Important Than You Realize.
    I lost one of my subscribers a few days ago. Although I never met the man but I always appreciated his willingness to read my posts and to remain a subscriber. I feel bad that I didn’t know more about him. It’s obvious that we could have been friends or …
  • The Importance of Teamwork in a DesignThe Importance of Teamwork in a Design
    Imagine if you will, a design team that has been tasked with designing a tablet that will be crucial to the future of their company. The team consists of the best and brightest engineers and programmers in the company. For those of you that like names, let’s call the company …
  • Windows 8Windows 8
    While it seems like a year ago, it was only a few months ago that one of the primary initiators for this blog happened.  Microsoft released the Windows 8 beta. With the exception of Vista, I’ve always tried to use the latest version of Windows. When Microsoft released the Windows …

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