Why All The Negative Political Ads? Are Politicians Afraid Of A Position?

I just finished exercising my political rights by voting against all the candidates so far from my own political views that I had no choice but to vote for their opposition. Looking back on my experience, I realize every vote I made was for the lessor evil. I did my...

How To Get A Solar Powered Potting Table. Married To An Engineer

I’m not going to say I was manipulated into my solar powered potting table but looking back at it, the signs were there. Shortly before our anniversary, my Wife started showing me potting tables made by other men for their wives. The thing was, none of these tables...

Prusa MK3S, Built In Self Destruct Or Swiss Cheese Theory of Failure

I’m writing to warn all the Prusa MK3S owners about a built in self destruct mechanism in your printer. Avoiding it is easy, not avoiding it cost me over $100 and took my printer down for over a week. It all started when I started seeing bare copper traces on my heat...

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  • Some Advice Before You Move To The CountrySome Advice Before You Move To The Country
    You’re tired of your annoying neighbor that gets up at 6AM on a Saturday morning to mow his lawn. Or maybe it’s the neighbor that mows his grass once a month and seems to cultivate all those weeds that find their way to your yard. Or maybe you don’t like the home owners association telling you […]
  • Upgrading To The Prusa MK3S From the Prusa MK2 , Is It Worth It?Upgrading To The Prusa MK3S From the Prusa MK2 , Is It Worth It?
    It’s Saturday night as I listen to my new Prusa MK3S and wonder how I can justify my purchase of a third 3D printer to my wife. After two years, my Prusa MK2 was getting a bit long in the tooth. My prints were no longer a thing of beauty. Where I used to have […]
  • Toolbars, Software Trojans or Actual Benefit?Toolbars, Software Trojans or Actual Benefit?
    Every year people spend millions of dollars on software that prevents other people from installing undesired programs on their computer. We’re constantly reminded that’s it far better to pay for software rather than download a pirated copy and risk installing a whole bunch of surprises. When the software is free, and there’s a lot of […]

Random Posts

  • Why Would An Engineer Find Gordon Ramsay Entertaining?Why Would An Engineer Find Gordon Ramsay Entertaining?
    One of the major differences between my wife and I is the way we view food. My wife likes to savor new foods and enjoy the delicate interplay between the seasonings. Me, I’m more concerned about how long it takes to prepare and eat. My wife accuses me of only having two taste buds, both […]
  • A Guide To Your Valentine’s Day ChocolateA Guide To Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate
    Valentine’s day is always difficult for me. I love my wife but I have trouble remembering an arbitrary date hyped by advertising agencies to make poor fools like myself feel like lesser creatures if we don’t shower our wives with chocolate and presents.  If you’ve read my previous Valentine’s Day posts, An Engineer Attempts Valentine’s Day […]
  • WaitingWaiting
    Just as I feared, I got the wrong name for my website. It’s a very small thing but still annoying. I had selected OpinionByPen.com and then realized I might want more than one opinion. Easily fixed or so I thought. I then registered OpinionsByPen.com but my hosting account was still under the previous name. As […]

Random Posts

  • Tired Of Being Spied On? Support Data Gathering TaxesTired Of Being Spied On? Support Data Gathering Taxes
    It’s fall again and with the lower temperatures I tend to take longer showers. Those of you that visit my site frequently know what that means, more time for me to think about solving world problems. My first shower of the season and I think I’ve really found a gem this time. It’s a given […]
  • A Very Personal Look At The Engineering Decision Making ProcessA Very Personal Look At The Engineering Decision Making Process
    I’ve written a number of posts about how engineers think and make decisions, so I was stunned when my Wife questioned my decision making process and demanded details. My first response was to deny any malfeasance on my part but when I recovered my composure I realized she might have a point. Having admitted that […]
  • How Do I Know If an Engineer Loves MeHow Do I Know If an Engineer Loves Me
    About once a month I see a Google query from someone wanting to know how to tell if an engineer loves them. Google, for reasons best known to Google, directs them to my post  How to Argue With an Engineer. I don’t know if this is always the same person but their answer is a […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

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With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

Random Posts

  • Creating An Alexa Podcast For OpinionByPen Using Amazon PollyCreating An Alexa Podcast For OpinionByPen Using Amazon Polly
    In my previous post I took you on my journey to add Amazon’s speech synthesizer Polly to Opinionbypen. I have to admit I did this as an excuse to play with some of the emerging technologies offered by Amazon. Although there were a few minor obstacles along the way, Amazon …
  • Why Does Change Seem So Random?Why Does Change Seem So Random?
    It’s a given that change happens. From fashion to transportation to political viewpoints, it always changes, but why? Change is seldom welcome so why does it happen? And why does it happen so often to the things you like? Why does today’s Big Mac more closely resemble a White Castle …
  • To Mask Or Not To Mask, Why Is There Even A Question?To Mask Or Not To Mask, Why Is There Even A Question?
    2020 certainly was nothing like what we anticipated. We have politicians giving medical advice and orders based on nothing but their own fears and pocketbooks. We have doctors absolutely amazed that we’re ignoring their advice. Really, when was the last time you had a doctor explain anything clearly to you. …
  • The Importance Of Good Grammar, A Mathematic LookThe Importance Of Good Grammar, A Mathematic Look
    Every once in a while I have to let my inner engineer interact with the real world. I apologize to you now but this post is the result of one of those times. About a year ago I wrote a post bemoaning the confusing rules of writing. It’s my nature …
  • VR Goggles, I Still Look Like A Geek When I Wear ThemVR Goggles, I Still Look Like A Geek When I Wear Them
    I try to acknowledge my weaknesses and technology is certainly one of my major weaknesses. My house is full of early adopter junk that never made it past the early adopter stage. Fortunately, there’s also the occasional gem such as my 3D printer and my drone. These gems are the …

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