A Conspiracy Theory Regarding Encryption Creating My Dilemma

It seems that the current trend on social media is overwhelmingly conspiracy theories, especially as elections draw near. I’m not particularly drawn to the political ones, but I'm gripped by a conspiracy theory regarding encryption that's threatening to upend my...

Musings On My Greatest Achievement As I Enter Retirement

When I retired, there were a few questions that everyone seemed to ask: how did I feel about stepping into retirement (frankly, terrified) and what was my first project going to be (the rebuilding of my dilapidated well house). Yet, there was one question that...

On The Design Of My New Business Card

About 40 years ago, during a period of self-discovery, I chanced upon a handwriting analysis book. Naturally, I used the book to analyze my own handwriting. What hidden aspects of my personality might it reveal? We won’t go into the gritty details, but the picture it...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

Retirement, A Very Personal Fear

Retirement, A Very Personal Fear

Fear is a funny thing. I’ve seen grown men injure themselves to escape a common garden spider. Personally, I’m petrified when I have to climb higher than 3 feet on a ladder. They’ve never been bitten by a spider, I’ve never fallen off a ladder, so why the paralyzing...

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2023, I’m Very Glad To See It End

2023, I’m Very Glad To See It End

2023 is now firmly in my rear view mirror and I have zero feelings of nostalgia. It was tough losing two of our beloved dogs to cancer. Sundae had been a part of our family for 14 years, leaving a significant void, and even though Hilde was with us for just under a...

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  • If You Want To Become A Better Writer, First Become A Better ListenerIf You Want To Become A Better Writer, First Become A Better Listener
    Six years ago, when I started Opinionbypen, I had a goal to become a better writer. Somehow I assumed that the constant practice provided by weekly posts would miraculously improve my writing. That’s certainly not the first thing I’ve ever been wrong about. Think about it this way. Suppose I want to become a boxer. […]
  • What’s This Thing Called Cache? A Non-Technical ExplanationWhat’s This Thing Called Cache? A Non-Technical Explanation
    Spend enough time with computers and you’ll encounter cache. When your browser is acting up, the first thing you hear is, “your cache is corrupted you’ll have to clean it.” When your computer is running slow, you’re told you need more cache. Obviously cache is important but what is cache? How does it work? Let […]
  • Shelby, The Reason I Have Australian ShepherdsShelby, The Reason I Have Australian Shepherds
    Given a number of choices, each having equal weight, I tend to use minor factors to decide rather than make a totally random choice.  In this case a post on Shelby won out because she looks really good in the previous post with my wife. Shelby was and still is our first Australian Shepherd. She […]

Random Posts

  • Why Would You Want To Write A Blog?Why Would You Want To Write A Blog?
    Ever notice that the moment you describe a problem to an engineer, they stop listening to you? Before you’ve finished describing the problem, they’ve started working on a solution for you. True, some of the very best engineers have the ability to remain focused on you until you’ve fully described the problem. As my wife […]
  • Married To An Engineer, The Christmas Dinner DilemmaMarried To An Engineer, The Christmas Dinner Dilemma
    I just discovered that I’ll be having steak for Christmas dinner instead of the ham everyone else will be having. Truthfully, I don’t see this as a bad thing but I hate to see this happen simply because my wife and I don’t seem to communicate on the meaning of like and don’t like. My […]
  • Windows 10, Microsoft Doesn’t Get ItWindows 10, Microsoft Doesn’t Get It
    Have you ever been listening to someone and thought to yourself, “they just don’t get it.” No, I wasn’t talking about our politicians. Although given their actions over the last few year, it’s obvious that they don’t get it either.  Instead I was talking about some of our leading industries and the decisions they made. […]

Random Posts

  • Inspiration, It Might Be Closer Than You ThinkInspiration, It Might Be Closer Than You Think
    On our journey through life we meet a number of people that have profound influences on us, our parents, our teachers, our friends, even our co-workers. I’ve been very fortunate to  encounter a number of people who were very positive inspirations. As I sit here spending my Saturday morning taking my Udacity course, two friends […]
  • A Study in Communication, WebhostinghubA Study in Communication, Webhostinghub
    I decided to try WebhostingHub because $10 for a year of webhosting looked too good to pass up.  What I did not expect was a wonderful example of poor communication. I admit it, I’m cheap. I follow Rick Broida on Twitter because he comes up with some real bargains. When he Tweeted about a year […]
  • A Look At The Snake Slayer IV From A New UserA Look At The Snake Slayer IV From A New User
    If you’ve ever wondered just how fast your reflexes are, try sticking your hand into a nest box occupied by a snake instead of eggs. The few times I’ve done this it took about two microseconds for me to realize it was a snake and then my hand attained warp speed as I pulled it […]

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A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Driving Change With Comments – Force MultipliersDriving Change With Comments – Force Multipliers
    I had barely hit “send” on my last post when Zee, ever the critic, called me on it. I mean, she’s penned a gallery of fire-breathing missives about shoddy products, clueless congressmen, and writers who wouldn’t recognize a plot if it slapped them in the face. What did she get …
  • What’s The Infinity Mirror Aspect Of The Internet And Why Is It Bad?What’s The Infinity Mirror Aspect Of The Internet And Why Is It Bad?
    When you put two mirrors face to face you see thousands of identical images. That’s an infinity mirror. You frequently see them in fun houses. How could that relate to the some of the darker aspects of the Internet? First, I need a really strong parable. Several decades ago, while …
  • An Engineer Looks At AccountantsAn Engineer Looks At Accountants
    Put a group of engineers together discussing projects and sooner or later the discussion will turn to beancounters. No, beancounters aren’t an apparatus for counting individual beans, we use the term to refer to the accounting department. As you might guess, this is not a term of high regard. There’s …
  • Spam and Scams Filling My Email – Sound Familiar?Spam and Scams Filling My Email – Sound Familiar?
    One look at my investment portfolio and you know my ability to predict the future is seriously flawed. This trend gives me hope I’m wrong but if history is any guide, no one will be using email 10 years from now. Impossible you say? Before the advent of robocallers and …
  • Married To An Engineer, Why Can’t I Have A New OvenMarried To An Engineer, Why Can’t I Have A New Oven
    I wanted my wife to write this from her point of view because if anyone in this marriage has suffered, it’s her. She wants a new oven and I continue to repair the old one. As long as it continues to work, why do we need to replace it? I realized …

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