Sundae reports from Agility Nationals





20130922_164746I’ve seen my world from hotel room windows all over America. Oh, sorry, I’m supposed to introduce myself first. Mom always insists on manners.

My name is Sundae, I’m an Australian Shepherd and I compete in agility. Mom is always taking my pack brother and me to agility shows for the weekend. Different towns, different rooms but they all tend to run together. Right now I’m sizing up my competition at the Agility Nationals and wishing I was back home. It’s not that I don’t enjoy agility but I like sleeping in my own bed. I certainly don’t like leaving my pet alone too long, he tends to pick up bad habits.

BryceThat’s my pack brother Bryce on the other bed. Everyone says he’s really good at this. He has seven ATCHs, whatever those are. He insists that he knows the sport better than anyone else. He’s always giving instructions to Mom when he runs. He even tries to tell me what to do when I run. He can be very distracting. Don’t be fooled by that look of cunning on his face, he’s only thinking one thought, how can he convince mom to give him another treat?

Where as I try to enjoy the full experience of the course by checking out all the interesting scents and introducing myself to each of the judges (politeness counts), Bryce insists on running the course as fast as possible. He completely misses the point of the competition and often risks injury to himself. Mom even got a masseuse for him today because he might have overexerted himself. All he really wants to do is finish the course as fast as possible to get his treat.

I may not have ATCHs but at least I have my dignity.

It’s time for my beauty sleep. I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.20130923_201251


Second Day: Rain and more rain. These are not the accommodations that I was promised for my events.



20130926_203549Third Day: Despite the rain Bryce and I must have done well, Mom seemed very happy.  I’ll be happy when we get home. Bryce seems worn out but he was working hard.

Last Day: We’re headed back home today. It was a great experience but I missed home.

I have one more picture I’m supposed to share with you. Mom wanted to  show off all the ribbons we won. I think we were successful. I can’t wait to do this again next year.



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