This is my 20th post on this blog. I realize that raw numbers don’t really mean anything unless you attach importance to them but 20 is a significant number and I felt it should be celebrated. My big problem was how do you celebrate a blog?

I’m sure there are some people out there who feel I would be best suited by making number 20 my last blog. My wife has already told me she won’t acknowledge I’m doing a blog until I’ve done it at least three months. I started this blog on 3/24. That’s several more months of posts and I’m starting to enjoy this blog thing, I’m fairly sure I’ll keep writing.  What to do?

On reflection, the answer is obvious to me. This blog is based on a few ideas of my own with a lot of help and encouragement from numerous other people. I have three big fans that deserve special mention, my Mother, my Aunt and My Mother-in-Law.

My Mother is a professional writer and has had to walk that fine line between giving me encouragement and telling me about the stupid blunders I’ve made. She’s done an excellent job.

My Aunt has done her best to make sure that my posts are read from all over the world. Many of you reading this post are here because my Aunt cajoled you to be here. I even have readers in Japan through her efforts.

My Mother-in-Law has suffered through every one of the pre-post versions, the numerous rewrites and a number of posts that fortunately never saw the light of day.  She has stayed positive about every post and tried gently to point out the rough edges.

The three of you have my thanks, affection and eternal gratitude.

(Yes, I did suffer trying to decide what order to put them in. I did it the logical way, I used the order I met them.)

There are three engineers in particular that have contributed to this blog. Bill, Dave and Jim, you know who you are.  From these engineers, I’ve gotten ideas, encouragement, viewpoints and a few reminisces that told me I was on the right track. Thanks.

Certainly not last or least, I have to thank my wife. She challenged me into this. She’s been a very good sport about being in several of my posts. She’s provided me with a wealth of the pictures I’ve used. Best of all, she’s still married to me.

I also want to thank my sister and Jo for all the encouragement they’ve given me. Believe me, I really appreciate it.

That leaves one other person that deserves my thanks, You. I don’t know your name but the fact that you’re still reading this says a lot. I appreciate each and every reader I get. Thank you for finishing this post with me. Return readers are appreciated even more.

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