As my age increases  I’m starting to think that I’m wasting a huge opportunity to be a voice in this world. On the other hand, maybe it’s just that the current selection of video games is boring and I’ve always wanted to be part of the Internet. I like challenges, I enjoy accomplishing difficult accomplishments and as I look up from my games, the world is changing. At no other time has information ( and disinformation) been so available. At no other time has the ordinary person been so able to reach, discuss and be a part of this world. I have an instant connection to the rest of the world through my iPad. There are more tools out there than I could possibly learn in a lifetime. So here I am and I’m finding it’s not unlike starting in a new MMORPG. What class do I want to be? In a MMORPG I can choose to be tank, healer, scout or maybe a wizard. Here I could be an information site,  a blogger, a social site, a review site. I’m faced with what I want my character’s/site’s name to be. Who do I want to host my website? So many weapons/programs to decide from. What if I choose the wrong webhost or a bad name for my website? I’ve selected “Opinions by pen.” It only took me two weeks to come up with that.

Having decided on the Blogger class, I have to learn how to get your attention, how to keep you interested. If I were a tank, I could use my aggro skills but while Bloggers can gain lots of aggro, I get the impression it’s similar to a wizard gaining aggro. One brief moment of glory followed by “Cleanup aisle 9, dead wizard again.” Do I try to do this myself or put together a group to succeed? Is there a blogger’s guild out there? Don’t get me wrong, I’m simply astounded by all the willing helpful people out there doing their best to help people that want to learn. My deepest thanks and appreciation to all of you.

Can I really learn enough to make an interesting website? I’ve been programming for years but this will be my first attempt at building a website. A quick check on Amazon shows 3,676 books on the subject. Now that’s a challenge.

Sometimes the only way you see your limits is to take on the challenge…

Here I am. By the time you read this, I will have selected a name for my website, I will have a webhost, I will have fumbled my way to creating a website. I already see many of the skills the  blogger needs. How can I make people interested in what I say? How can I make them care about seeing the next blog? How can I find enough topics to write about? Do I specialize in comedy, technical, public opinion, maybe even politics. I have a technical background but I certainly have an opinion on almost everything.  Do I have enough armor to withstand the first negative comments? When you read this, I appreciate your opinion, your thoughts and your feedback. Without that I’m just another voice in the wide void of the internet, unseen and unheard. Game on or game over?

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