OTR Mobile is not the Internet solution you’re looking for and whatever you do, don’t expect any money back from them. At $60 a month, OTR Mobile seemed like a no brainer decision. they offered me as much as 10 mps, almost 7 times than what my archaic ADSL service from AT&T was giving me. Being cellular based, it was subject to slow downs during high network utilization but my DSL service was also subject to slow downs, for no apparent reason. That was slightly over a year ago.

During my year with OTR Mobile, my SIM card had to be changed five times as they moved from provider to provider. With each change, the price went up until I was paying slightly under $100 a month. Despite their reassurances that the SIM cards would be activated, each change also required an average of one hour on their chat line to get the new card activated.

For me the final straw came when they to had to submit the IMEI number to their wholesaler in order to authorize the SIM. Then they admitted certain SIM/IMEI combinations could not be authorized. After two weeks with no service and already being charged for the month I wasn’t getting service, I cancelled my autorenewal. That’s when they said they were sending another SIM. By the end of February, with no new SIM and no service, I spent another hour on the help line and requested a refund on the money they charged me for February. Their agent wasn’t authorized to provide refunds but he would pass it to finance. You guessed it, since then nothing but silence.

I was lucky because T-Mobile Home had just moved into my area, faster speeds and $50 a month. I don’t know what your need is but I know OTR Mobile is not the Internet solution you’re looking for.

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