There are times when you don’t feel like writing. This week, I’m trying to beat the rain and finish the new chicken coop for my wife. When I asked for volunteers to write, Ronin was the only one to speak up. Here’s hoping you like it.

What it takes to be a winner


Ever wonder what it takes to be a winner? This was me just three years ago. You’re right, I looked like any other puppy. Well, there was also my extraordinary cuteness but you can only get so far on looks. Unlike other puppies I knew I was destined for greatness.

I  also knew that achieving greatness was going to take work, hard work.

I started with the simple things, platform sitting. Hours and hours of practice. At least that’s the way it seemed.

Finally, I had it perfected but I wasn’t going to achieve greatness simply by sitting on my platform. I need to find my calling. I wasn’t sitting around though, I had to prepare myself.

Exercise, observation and more exercise.

I’m not proud of it but like many young dogs I picked up a few bad habits along the way. Today, I can’t believe how much I gloried in my rebellious nature.

Then one fateful day, I was taken to a big arena with lots of other dogs and called upon to compete. I had found it! This was my calling. This was where I would find my destiny.


High walks

I had no doubts, greatness was in my grasp.

My packmates were jealous. They told me I was too young, that I needed more practice, that I needed more training. They told me I would fail.

I ignored them and allowed myself to be inspired by the Olympic spirit.

I talked with my training partner and told her about my dreams.

Finally, it all paid off. I became a winner.

Today I’m here to tell you, you can become great. Set your goals and work for them. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t become discouraged. But above all, make sure you keep it fun and thank your partner.

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