Remain calm. Act normal and look around slowly to make sure no one is watching you. I don’t want to scare you but I may have stumbled on an ancient technique of the Ninjas.  If I’m right, my hope is to spread it widely before I’m silenced.

We’ve all had the sensation that someone is watching us. You might be in your car or in a restaurant when you have that feeling.  You look up and sure enough, you see some stranger looking at you. How did you know? Of course, it could be coincidence at play and other people had the same sensation, thinking you were looking at them. It could be…

Years of marriage have convinced my wife and me that I have nothing even closely resembling mental telepathy.  Truth to be told, those same years of marriage have convinced me I’m very lucky not to read minds. So how when I’m surrounded by all the glass and metal of my car can I know that someone is staring at me? I had a theory.

Call me a pseudo-science romantic at heart but I want to believe I live in a world where telepathy is possible. Maybe, just maybe, this sensation of being looked at is our rudimentary telepathic skills at work.

Any good theory should be accompanied by a series of experiments. My ability to gather large crowds of people is rather limited and by the time I explained the what and why of this, I was fairly sure at least 2/3 of them would think I was a nutcase. That left small personal interactions.

Fully aware of the possibilities of bias, I decided to try a series of experiments myself. I  started with strangers because my wife it already adept at tuning me out and Bryce (our male Australian Shepherd) is always watching me closely to see if I’m going outside to play.

I started at a local hardware store. I would come up to them without thinking of them and then look at them with the full force of my mental capability. Well that was the plan. Twenty minutes later I realized that the full force of my mental gaze, a few discreet coughs or two and even a “can I get some help here” weren’t enough to get me noticed. Maybe store clerks develop an immunity.

Over the next few years, I practiced my technique. As I approached someone, I was careful not to think any direct thoughts. My thoughts would acknowledge the surrounding environment but I was careful not to include the person in any of them. Once I was close enough, I would add them to my mental picture. As I said it took a while, ever try not to think of someone?

Now it’s automatic and I find myself startling more than a few people when they realize I’m close by. Not that close, there is a difference between an experiment and just being creepy.

As I said at the start, there is a part of me that wants to believe this works. I don’t tiptoe or try to be quiet. I don’t try moving only when I’m sure they’re not looking. I try not to bias the results in any way and it still seems to work.

I’m sharing this with you because I need your help in getting more experimental data. It’s simple, as you approach someone, don’t think of them at all. Keep your thoughts calm and unexcited. When you get close enough (please keep in mind too close and you’re just creepy), think direct thoughts about the person.  It might take a couple of tries but the amazing thing is that it seems to be effective.

Successful or not, please let me know your results. Oh, one last thing, if you look up and see a bunch of Ninja demanding to know who taught your their technique, please, just tell them you read it somewhere on the Internet. This is one of the few times I’d rather you not mention my site.



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