I promise this will be my last word on the subject but looking at the  traffic to my website I’m not the only person not getting a Nexus 7 tablet today at my PO Box because Google Wallet cancelled their order.  The issue is interesting because it shows a massive lack of communication between Google Wallet and their fulfillment partner.

First, so you can stop reading here if you want to know about your Nexus 7 order and a PO box, Google Wallet will not deliver a Nexus 7 to a US PO Box. If you pre-ordered using a US PO Box address and haven’t gotten a cancellation yet, stop reading and change it now. Then you can come back to read why. For the person in Australia, I have no idea if they can or will deliver to a PO box there. I’m sure their fulfillment partner is different with different rules. That’s why I specified US PO boxes.

Once Google Wallet sends your order to their fulfillment partner, they’re done. Unfortunately they neglected to get all the shipping details from their partner when they started selling the Nexus 7. Only after they sent the first batch of preorders to their partner for fulfillment did they learn that their partner did not deliver to a PO box. Their partner apparently had no other option but to cancel the order and tell us to start over.

I’m sure that this has been fixed on their website now to prevent you from making the same mistake I did. For me, I seldom give second chances. Especially when my credit card and technology are involved. So far Google Wallet managed to get my credit card flagged for fraud, forced me to re-enter the same number several times even after I cleared it with my bank, had me wait for almost 3 weeks with no status and then finally cancelled my order with no recourse and then told me to start over.

I like Google, I think the Nexus 7 has the potential to be a great tablet. I even looked at Staples to buy one. You don’t get the $25 credit to Google Play but you do avoid Google Wallet. That almost looks like a fair trade. I certainly won’t be doing business with Google Wallet. Right now they look like a part time operation relying on their business partners without sufficient oversight on their part.

Thanks to Google Wallet, I won’t be buying a Nexus 7. I have two ways to show my displeasure at the way I’ve been treated, this blog and my money. Both Samsung and Amazon will be coming out with new tablets in response to the Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 has set the bar for both cost and performance in a 7″ table. Google Wallet has barred the way for me with their performance.

When I buy a 7″ tablet, and I will, I’ll buy from Amazon or Newegg. I’ve been buying from both for years and never been disappointed by their performance.

Update Sept 7: Amazon certainly came through with the Kindle Fire HD 7.

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