Just as I feared, I got the wrong name for my website. It’s a very small thing but still annoying. I had selected OpinionByPen.com and then realized I might want more than one opinion. Easily fixed or so I thought. I then registered OpinionsByPen.com but my hosting account was still under the previous name. As it turned out there’s a way to point both names at the same site. I’m hosted with Go Daddy and they have excellent instructions. You’ll notice both names work equally well to get you here. Not that I understood what I was doing but I can usually follow directions.

I mentioned usually follow direction to give me a defense for my second issue. When I had Go Daddy install WordPress I did not realize I needed it in the root directory. In order for someone to see my website they had to type OpinionsByPen.com/Wordpress. Not quite the smooth interface I had envisioned. Back to the Go Daddy tutorials, it turns out I wasn’t the first to put it in the wrong directory. There’s actually a complete section on moving your WordPress directory. Now here’s where I could have saved myself a lot of time by reading the entire section. I grasped the concept almost immediately so I logged into my site and moved the entire directory. Very easy, except WordPress no longer knew where it’s files were so I was now unable to log into WordPress. Back to the tutorial but let’s really read it this time. Sure enough, I was supposed to copy the files instead of move them.  This time I followed instructions, carefully. I moved the files back in place and copied them to their new home.  Now I could log in and set everything to the new file location. Finally it was working the way I wanted, all except for a minor issue with pictures and permissions to load the pictures that my mother-in-law was nice enough to help me with.

I’m now prepared for the rest of the world to see my site. I finished getting everything in place and set up by 9:40 AM Saturday. If I had a log file it would look something like this.

9:30…Mother-in-law tells me pictures aren’t loading. Quick fix and reload pictures

9:40….finally working

9:45….no comments

9:50….no comments

10:30….no comments. Quick check to make sure someone can leave comments. Seems to be working

11:00….no comments. Updated the about section

12:00….no comments

14:00….still no comments

You can see the pattern. The rational side of me says that it will be a while before any one finds me. The darker part of me is still expecting instant gratification. After all, I always leave comments when I visit a blog site….err, maybe not, I can’t remember ever leaving a single one but in the future I certainly will.

It was a good weekend. I’m playing in the Tera beta. I’m working on homework for a course I’m taking at www.udacity.com. The weather is great and the horses are loving all the new grass. Somewhere out there is a comment with my blog’s name on it, meanwhile it’s still a great day.

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