I enjoy writing this blog because I’m not constrained to a single topic. Today is all about cookies. Let me set the background.

I love cookies. Everyone who knows me knows I love cookies. The only thing that lured me off my Atkins diet was cookies. My Food Scout quickly learned how much I loved cookies and always made sure to save a cookie or two for me.  I very seldom buy cookies for home because the half-life of a cookie at home is about a day.

I could try to blame it on my wife but she will stretch a bag of cookies into weeks. This makes it hard to share because she usually gets two cookies and I finish off the bag. Over the years we’ve developed a rule, I buy two bags, one for her , one for me and we do not allow the streams to cross.

When I was cornered by Girl Scouts and forced to buy 4 boxes, mine lasted 2.5 days. I think she still has some left. Granted, it’s not always cookies. When I go to a nearby Bavarian Bakery, I get a dozen cookies (1.5 days worth), she gets three almond horns (9 days worth). I used to believe that the Bavarian Bakery made the best cookies around.

I have had a lot of very good homemade cookies. I can be happy with Chips Ahoy, Keebler or almost any other major brand.  I’m also cheap and this is part of the issue. When I pay over a dollar a cookie, I expect it to taste better than something I get in a bag. There’s several major bakeries in the area that just don’t meet my price to taste ratio and I don’t buy cookies there.

To do a brief recap: I love cookies, I don’t share, price to taste ratio is a key factor.

Last week I did my post on How do I know if an Engineer Loves Me? My wife really liked the post because it reminded her of the things I do because I love her.  This caused her to give me my Valentine’s gift early, a box of cookies.

Cookies are always a safe bet with me. They will get eaten and I will appreciate them. It was obvious that these were gourmet cookies because they came in a box with nice red ribbons. Flashing lights in the back of my mind said expensive.  These were from HeidisHeavenlyCookies and looked like small oatmeal breakfast bars rolled in caramel.

I opened the bag and started in on the first cookie. My words really can’t do justice to the cookies. I did something very unusual, for the first time in my life I shared one of MY cookies with her, then I split the package with her. It’s not that I was overcome by all the love I have for her. She’s not completely sure I do have strong emotions.

The only way I can explain my act is that I would have felt guilty for the rest of my life if I did not share something that good with her. Yes they are that good. Tonight we still have six of them.  They won’t make it through the weekend but each one is an experience.

I looked them up on the website to find out what I had. These are Sea Salt Caramel Bars and I was right, these are over $2.00 a cookie. I’m not complaining, even at three dollars each they would still stomp all over my price to taste ratio and because they are so good, I really want to make them last.

Here’s my dilemma, Heidi’s website lists over 40 varieties, do I stay with something I really love or try something like the Chocolate Raspberry Eclipse or the Heavenly Toffee Dust? Heidi guarantees I will be delighted and I’m afraid she’s right.

Maybe one of the assortments…

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