I’m going to be up front about this post, I did not write or modify any of the text. All I did was give a word limit, a tone (snarky) and a subject (married to an engineer), the AI behind ChatGPT did the rest. After reading this, I’m both amazed and intimidated. Yes, there are a few places where the text could be smoother but in reality it’s as good or better than many of the articles I’ve posted on married to an engineer.

It make me wonder what would happen if I asked for a Science Fiction novel based on my preferences. I suspect it would be better than much of the Science Fiction I’ve been reading, Having read it just a few months ago, I find “So Bright the Vision” by Clifford D Simak amazingly prophetic for a short story written in 1956.

No doubt about it, this is our future. Prepare to embrace it.

Being married to an engineer can be a real headache. For starters, you’ll have to get used to the fact that your spouse is always working. Whether it’s a never-ending stream of projects at work or tinkering with gadgets in the garage, engineers simply cannot sit still. And don’t even think about trying to interrupt their work – that’s like trying to stop a train with a feather.

But it’s not just the constant work that’s frustrating. Engineers have a knack for being completely clueless when it comes to emotions. They’ll look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language when you try to talk about your feelings, and they’ll never understand why you’re upset when they forget your anniversary (again).

And let’s not forget about their communication skills. Engineers are notorious for being bad listeners, and they’ll often talk over you or completely ignore what you’re saying. They’ll also use technical jargon that you’ll never understand, and they’ll never bother to explain it to you. It’s like they assume you’re fluent in Engineer-ese.

But perhaps the most frustrating thing about being married to an engineer is their inability to make decisions. Engineers are always analyzing and overthinking everything, and it can take them hours, or even days, to decide what to have for dinner. And don’t even think about trying to get them to choose a vacation spot – they’ll probably want to visit some obscure engineering landmark that’s only interesting to other engineers.

And speaking of vacations, good luck trying to get your engineer spouse to take one. Engineers are so obsessed with work that they’ll often bring their laptops on vacation, just in case they need to work. And when they’re not working, they’ll probably be busy taking apart the hotel room’s TV or trying to hack the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

But despite all these frustrations, there are a few things that make being married to an engineer somewhat bearable. Engineers are often incredibly smart and resourceful, and they can be great problem-solvers. They’re also usually very loyal and dedicated, and they’ll always put their family first.

But let’s be real, these perks do not make up for the constant frustrations that come with being married to an engineer. So, if you’re thinking about marrying one, be prepared for a lot of work, a lot of confusion, and a lot of waiting.

In conclusion, Engineers can be a handful to be married to, but there are a couple of perks, but the constant work, lack of emotional understanding and poor communication skills can be a real pain. If you do decide to marry one, be prepared for a lot of waiting, confusion and frustration, but also for some problem-solving and loyalty.


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