May 22, 2016: It’s ironic that on the same weekend my post encourages people to leave comments, I try out a new WordPress plugin that disables my comments. Glad I found it before the weekend was over.

Feb 12, 2016:  Still working out some bugs on the new theme. Please don’t hesitate to tell me about problems or missing features. I submitted A Question of Balance to Amazon’s Kindle site just as I said I would. So far twelve readers with three likes. Maybe I need better SEO there too.

Jan 31, 2016: Time to start updating this on a regular basis. I just updated the Opinionbypen theme for the fourth time in it’s existance and have a number of bugs to chase down. On the bright side editing the news gets much easier.

May 17: Mother Nature did not seem to be pleased with my Mother’s Day post to her. She dumped another five inches of rain on me the next day.

October 10: I had four people respond to my offer to become guest bloggers. Today I published the first of them. Thank you Jeff, you’ve set the bar for the rest of them.

May 5: When I updated my theme, I never though to check for all the functions the previous theme was providing. This caused me to lose the recent comments section. Fortunately somebody pointed it out and I was able to add the recent comments section.

March 23:  If you believe in Karma, you might find this interesting. I wrote about my wife abusing it when I gave her a bell to summon me while she was sick. She had the great idea of having Ronin ring a bell when he needed to go outside. He caught on fast. Then he realized he could go outside whenever he rang the bell. Karma, it works.

March 23: I’m afraid the picture I used for I’m not Insulting You, That’s My Aspect Starting Up was a little too abstract. I was trying to depect a control room operated by the little man in my head. Good concept, poor execution, I’ll improve.

March 23: Almost three months since my last update, I’ll have to do better.

Dec 31: Looks like I will have to add a year qualifier to my news. I renewed my webhosting with GoDaddy for another years. That means at least three more years of this blog. In the tradition of new beginnings, I’ve added a section titled stories. 2014 looks interesting. Happy New Years to all!!!

Sept 20: Today marks my wife’s arrival in Colorado for ASCA Agility Nationals. Good luck to Sundae, Bryce and my wife. While I want them to do well, I’m looking forward to when they get back.

August 18: I’ve added a new version of my Poser Gallery. I like the way it looks but it is Flash based. Please let me know what you like or don’t like about it.

August 18: Pepper has moved on to what we all hope is her final home with my Mother-in-Law. She’s happy and my Mother-in-Law is even happier.

July 21: Sundae would like to thank everyone that took the time to read an extra post. So far she’s scored 22 treats. I’m glad I specified the small treats.

July 21: The final count hackers getting locked out was just shy of 200. Really happy I had Wordfence.

July 20: I was greeted this morning with 88 emails from Wordfence telling me about users being locked out last night for exceeding the maximum number of failed login attempts, names like admin, support, administration… Thank you Wordfence.

May 19: I finally updated my Poser Gallery with my recent pictures. It was getting so large that I had to break it into two pages. You can access it from the bottom of page one of the Gallery.

Mar 17: It may take me a while to finish Lesson 2 of Udacity‘s Interactivity Graphics. The homework requires a working knowledge of WebGL and JavaScript. They try to make it easy but I really need to understand what I’m doing. Back to the books.

Mar 12: Just finished Lesson 1 of Udacity‘s Interactivity Graphics. I’m really enjoying the course so far. It’s very impressive seeing all the changes Udacity has made. I may have to retake a few courses. Then again, they have a lot of interesting new courses.

Mar 7: I was doing so well with Poser that I had a very loving wife buy me a copy of Poser Pro 2012 for Christmas. Just in case you aren’t as fortunate, SmithMicro has Poser Pro 2012 on sale for $149 until March 21. That’s 70% off the normal price. Poser Sale

Feb 25: Last week was Udacity’s one year birthday. I was fortunate enough to take their first class CS101 when they started. Since then I’ve taken three more classes, starting a fifth class in March and written eight posts on Udacity and their classes; Udacity, Udacity Revisited, What I Learned from Udacity About LinkedIn Being Hacked, Probability, Statistics and Udacity, Thank You Udacity, Comments on Udacity vs. Colleges,What Are the Odds? You’ll Enjoy Udacity Statistics. Happy birthday Udacity, Thanks for all the gifts of knowledge you’ve given us.

Feb 23: I’ve had so much fun with Poser that I put together a gallery of the images I’ve created. Check out my Poser Gallery

Feb 20: I don’t know how you feel about meteors but this is fascinating to me, Map shows every meteorite impact since 2,300 B.C.

Jan 9: I had a dental cleaning yesterday. The reason that’s important is that it marked 6 months since I was diagnosed with Ramsey Hunt.  The pain is gone but my face and ear still itch when I’m stressed or very tired. I’m also seeing some scarring develop on my face. It’s not obvious but I’m surprised it developed after most of the symptoms disappeared.

Nov 17: I’m really disappointed in Oracle. Recently my wife had to update Java on her machine and during the update Oracle tried to add reset her search engine and add a toolbar. You already know how I feel about toolbar offers. She was given an option and fortunately she said no but we are conditioned to say yes, especially when updating. After that incident I’m beginning to wonder if I can live without Java on our computers. There’s no point in running software that you can’t trust and Oracle just slipped into that category.

Nov 11: If you notice some of my older post titles have changed don’t be concerned. I’m trying an experiment with SEO and updating some of my posts very slightly to have a higher SEO score.

Oct 29: Wow! In my Poser Debut post I said I would take a 3D graphics course if it were offered by Udacity. Guess what they offered today?

Oct 27: If you’re very observant you may notice a slight difference in the sheep used to illustrate my post on Bryce 7. Somebody complained about the texture of the sheep I originally had. I decided they were right so I took the time to redo the final picture with different models for the sheep.

Oct 5: Mental note, the best way to start a trip to the Texas State Fair is to make sure you have your wallet. Getting there without a wallet can put a damper on the entire day.

Oct 4: We all owe a thank you to law enforcement today. The people doing the PC repair scam have been put out of business. It took cooperation from five countries with the FTC leading the effort but they will need to find a new scam.

Sept 18: Considering all the issues I have with Internet Explorer, it’s not surprising I don’t like it. The German Government is taking this to a whole new level by recommending it’s citizens not use Internet Explorer

Sept 7: If you are one of the people that wanted to buy a Google Nexus and were rebuffed by Google Wallet, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ certainly looks promising.

 August 22: My wife is finally going to get her greenhouse. For our anniversary I bought her a very nice 8 X 12  kit. Let’s hope I get it up before her birthday passes. Success will certainly result in a post on assembling it.

August 12: After spending the last two weeks watching the Olympics with my wife, I wonder if I’m alone in not caring about the medal counts. I enjoy seeing athletes at the top of their form competing against other talented athletes but their country of origin is a distant second to their skill and drive.

August 2: I’m very happy with Amazon. They released the Amazon Instant Video app for the iPad. I was able to watch Amazon Prime on my iPad before this but I had use another PC and Splashtop. Thank you Amazon!

July 29: A while back I tweeted “My Udacity statistics course just showed most drivers can be better than the average driver. All it takes are some very bad drivers.” After watching the Olympics opening and hearing NBC’s excuses for all the cuts, I realized that this same statical fact can be applied here. Most Americans are more intelligent than the average. All it takes are some NBC executives.

July 29: My post, Olympics, Meet The Connected Age, was spot on.  Looks like bandwidth issues are showing up

July 23: Apparently my credibility is low with some family members. Yes, I really enjoy watching curling. I was not mocking the Winter Olympics.

July 21: I’m trying out a modification to the basic theme. I always seem to have a followup to my posts that I would like to share and this seems the best way. As always, comments appreciated.

July 20: The Olympics are near and my wife is preparing her command center. Two monitors, a TV and her iPad. She wants my iPad too but can’t decide where to place it.

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