Each post I write is a snapshot in time. Sometimes I go back to correct them or add a little more information but I’ve learned that I always need to continue looking forward. Rewriting my old posts, as much as they might need it, doesn’t give me time to write new posts.  I added the News page to comment on some of my old posts but unless you happen to check at the right time you’ll miss any updates.

I decided to do this post as a retrospective on some my older posts, some of my favorites, some of my readers favorites and some others that deserved a just few more words. As I went through my older posts I was able to see how much my writing and illustrations have improved. Let me take you on a short journey covering the last two years of Opinion by pen.

Change, The Impact of iPad On Our Lives was published on 03/29/2012 discussing just how much the iPad had changed my life. Two years later and I’m using my iPad to write after I’ve gone to bed. I’ve started using an Android tablet because I find Apple’s insistence on iTunes a nuisance. If anything my post understated the impact.

I published my review of the Windows 8 beta on 04/24/2012. I hated the beta then and although nothing’s changed, I just wanted to say apparently a lot of people still agree with me. Well, one good thing came out of the Window’s 8 disaster. When I decided to upgrade the operating system on my Netbook, I loaded Linux on it. I always wanted an excuse to learn Linux and Windows 8 certainly gave me motivation.

Probability, Statistics and Udacity was published on 06/13/2012. As far as numbers go, it’s by far my most popular post. Unfortunately all the views were in a three day period. I’d like to say it was well written or informative but I would be lying. Its only claim to fame was that Udacity reposted a link to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Talk about changes, Udacity’s courses have certainly made an impact on me.

How to Argue With an Engineer and Feel Like You Won was published on 06/22/2012. I did this post to help my family  hold their own when they encounter an engineer. This is probably number four in popularity and still very true.

I published Toolbars, Software Trojans or Actual Benefit on 06/27/2012. I’m really happy that both IE and Firefox have started disabling toolbars. I doubt my post had anything to do with it but I really like the direction of that trend.

Dragon Naturally Speaking, A User’s Review was published on 07/05/2012. I was using version 10.5 then but I’ve migrated to 12.5 now and I’m trying to use it more often. It still doesn’t come naturally but the accuracy is impressive.

Adobe Premier Elements 10, Almost a Review was published on 07/16/2012. As the title suggests, the review was for Elements 10. Once I started using Poser, I used Elements frequently enough with Poser that I upgraded to Version 11. It seemed natural to upgrade to Version 12 when it came out. Once installed, Version 12 demanded I create an account within six days or the software would become locked. I grumbled a lot and used a gmail address to create the account. After I started using Version 12, I noticed several features had been removed. Let’s see Version 11 did not require an account and had the features I often used. It took at least 10 seconds in deciding to go back to Version 11.

My Experience With Ramsay Hunt Syndrome was published on 08/11/2012. On a daily basis, I will see people reading it and then rereading it. I always feel bad for them. They’re in incredible pain and rightfully concerned about the future. I consider myself fortunate, eighteen months later, I only have minor scarring and a slight problem with my ear. It’s very slight now but it often feels like the pressure hasn’t equalized properly. Day by day, month by month, it does get better.

The Sunshine Greenhouse, A Six Hour Project was published on 9/8/2012. Fifteen months later my wife still loves her greenhouse. The only drawback?  In Texas it seldom gets very far below 20 but when it did, one little space heater was barely enough. As spring gets closer, she spends more and more time in it.

Poser Debut, an Engineer’s Review was published on 10/11/2012. Wow, little did I know what a difference Poser would make to me. I’m now using Poser Pro 2014 to illustrate both my blog and my stories. I still have a lot to learn but I’ve really enjoyed it.

Looking For a Christmas Present? Try Audible.com was published on 11/23/2012. I listen to Audible on a daily basis now. I even have a pair of sound cancelling earphones for use on the tractor. The more books I listen to the more I believe the narrator can make or break a book. Make sure you listen to the sample clips offered by Audible.

In Search of an Editor was published on 01/28/2013 That’s a resounding amen. The more writing I do the more I realize just how important this is. Finding a good editor is like finding gold. You just have to be mature enough to ignore your ego when you finally find someone willing to tell you your baby is ugly.

How Do I Know if an Engineer Loves Me was published on 02/01/2013. I was tired of seeing people end up at How To Argue With An Engineer and Feel Like You Won when they were searching for love advice. I’ve been very surprised at how popular this post became.

Wordfence, Protection For Your WordPress Site was published on 2/16/2013. If you use WordPress to create your blog, you will have hackers knocking at your door. I’ve been using Wordfence for over a year and it keeps getting better. They recently made the attacks visual showing you where the attacks are coming from and where they are attacking. The visuals are fascinating even if you don’t have a blog site.

Grammar and Rhetoric, the Drout Way was published on 05/18/2013. I’m still using what I learned from Professor Drout and the more I use it, the more sense it makes. I was very fortunate when I started listening to Professor Drout.

Pepper, Someone Else’s Problem was published on 06/21/2013. For Pepper this post has a very happy ending, she has a new home with my Mother-in-law and I think it would be an understatement to say she’s well loved.

Suppose You Built A Blog And No One Came was published on 07/20/2013. I used this post to describe how hard it has been to get visitors coming to a website. Taking one of the psychology ideas from Udacity, I offered to give Sundae a dog biscuit for everyone that read that blog and one more. Thanks to the efforts of my Aunt and my Mother-in-law, Sundae got almost 36 treats. Did I ever mention Sundae hates to share?

So Much Knowledge Lost Through Retirement was published on 11/03/2013 I wrote this about a close friend of mine because I had learned so much from him. What I did not mention was that he was dying from cancer. It’s a loss to all of us that he barely made it into the new year.

Synergy and A New Beginning was published on 12/31/2013. It was my last post of 2013. I used it as a springboard to announce an addition to this blog,short stories I’ve written and illustrated with Poser. You’ll find them under Stories. I’ll be trying to release a new story every two months.

Slightly over two years and 145 posts. Some of them serve as great examples of what and how not to write. Some of them were doomed to obscurity before they were written and some I’m really proud of.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings.

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